The Need To Attend A Bible Based Church

The world today is filled with so many non-believers because of the emerging of many preachers who preach so many different things and confusing people. There is the importance of a bible based church that teaches according to the doctrines of the bible which if filled with true word of God to enlighten people.

A church is a place where people go to praise and worship God together as a group and also a place where they go to find mentorship and to be guided on how to live life in a proper way according to word of God. The pastors, who guide people through the word, use the holy book as their guideline. The bible is seen as a book that has the inspired teachings of God, so churches that preach using the scripture are seen by most people as the true churches.

Without a congregation, a church is no church but just a building. People have to go to house of Lord for it to be known as one. So it can be said that a house of the Lord is made of people and with the well-known saying that no one is perfect, the same can be said about a holy house. One ought to be careful when choosing a church to attend so as to get the true scripture of God.

Knowing the beliefs of a church and how they conduct their activities and if they use the bible in their teachings, how they pray, if they follow the true teachings of the bible on tithe and offerings, and also it is important to seek the guidance of God and also attend their service to know more and mingle with them.

The other things to consider are: – how welcoming the house of the Lord is because a good house of the Lord should welcome both believers and non-believers because it is there that the non-believers should be taught the word of the Lord and learn to believe. Their take on tithes and offerings, how their youth and children are taught etc.

In some churches, the pastors take advantage of fact that they know the bible more than their congregation and they know what verses in the scripture to use to brain wash the members to always be giving money to the church and since their holy union is not scripture based the people never know when they are being cheated or told the truth. The pastors use the holy book to their advantage.

In a church where the pastor is a true man of God and insists on always using the bibles as the only guideline that is truly inspired by God, the congregation can never be lied to or cheated to do what they are not supposed to. In the bible there is also a guideline on how to give the tithes and offerings so they are taught to only give what is necessary.

It is therefore good to know that in life there is no other guideline to a good life apart from what is written in the holy book and to get to know as well as understand the word well, it is necessary to go to a house of the Lord that bases all their teachings in the scripture.

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