Start A New Life Immigration To Canada

Moving to another country is a very big step. It can often take many months or even years to get the final approval and make the move. This is a time fraught with anticipation and concern. Most applicants are very anxious and find the waiting time very difficult. Once they have made their decision to move and filed their paperwork they really want everything to happen as fast as possible.

People come from all over the world to enjoy the wonderfully high Canadian standard of living. There are many economic opportunities, along with great schools and state of the art hospitals. There is also an amazing diversity of landscapes and places to live. For these reasons immigration to Canada is as popular now as it has been for decades.

As the second largest country in the world, Canada offers an amazing diversity of landscapes. From the massive forests of the Pacific shore to the quaint fishing villages of Newfoundland, there is something to suit every taste. In fact, many new settlers plan to live in one location for a few years then move on to see somewhere new. This is the perfect way to see many different places and get the best idea of what suits their particular needs.

Other aspects of life that make the country so desirable are low crime rates and affordable housing. In many places it is still possible to purchase a home at a reasonable price. Families who would never be able to consider home ownership in their home country can often purchase a place of their own and put down roots.

There is typically the requirement that potential immigrants make a preliminary visit to Canada. This is to ensure that they are completely aware of what they are doing. The visit usually has to be for at least seven days and can be to any part of the country. Most people feel this is a great opportunity to see regions which they may be interested in considering as their permanent home.

However keen they were to make the move it always requires a period of adjustment. Making new friends takes a while and new immigrants must be prepared to work hard on their social life. They will find plenty to do, including clubs, sports and activities. Once they make the effort to get out and meet people they should be able to develop a good social circle to help and support them.

Once they have received their local level approval they can then submit their paperwork to the province. This stage usually moves quite fast. Finally the application goes to the Federal level for the final approval. This stage takes several months and the applicants will be required to have a medical examination.

Anyone considering moving to Canada should realize there is some work and expense involved in the process. Each application will pay a processing fee along with a payment to cover the costs of permanent residency. Other expenses include the cost of police clearance certificates and the mandatory medical examinations which must be done by a board certified doctor.

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