Some LOGCAP4 Questions And Answers

For some of you who are looking for a challenging job that is outside of the country, you can try your luck with LOGCAP4 or better known as Logistics Civil Augmentation Program. Here you will offer your service to some contractors who play roles in supporting the US army during wartime and other operations.

This support allows the army force to stay concentrated on its major actions while influencing corporate sources. You will be applying to Fluor, KBR as well as DynCorp when looking for defense jobs. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding LOGCAP4 program.

## Can I secure a place if I have all it takes?

You may be the king of your trade or profession but the LOGCAP recruiters are looking for a resume in a particular format. Even if you are extremely qualified, if your resume is not formatted correctly then it will be rejected.

## How Can I Submit a Properly Formatted Resume?

You should take advantage of someone experienced and familiar with the recruitment process, someone who knows exactly what the LOGCAP recruiters are looking for. Having a “good corporate” resume is meaningless in this process. You need to have someone who can take all of your personal and professional information, format it in the way that the recruiters are expecting to see. If you do this, you will have a chance of being called by Fluor, KBR or DynCorp. If it’s not formatted correctly, you will have zero chance.

## Why must the companies be so strict?

The LOGCAP recruiters themselves are actually remunerated to execute their jobs well. The will be receiving bonuses once their recruits successfully accomplish one full year of service. Therefore, it is only natural for them to want to only pick the cream of the crop for every position. The recruiters do not actually hire; they simply make recommendations. That is why they are tremendously choosy about choosing the ones to recommend, and hence, the very precise format for evaluating likely workers.

## Is all of this valuable?

Bear in mind that the lowest, entry level job at LOGCAP will pay a whole lot more than the usual salary in your nation. Besides, once you in you will have ample of opportunities for progression. Above all, all your food and house expenses are being taken care of so it is very likely for your money to grow very quickly.

The application system is hard and the army job itself is very demanding. If you are able to pull it off the right way with a lot of endeavor and willpower, then you will have a fantastic time by being a LOGCAP4 success story.

If you are willing to find out more about working in Afghanistan, visit LogCap4Jobs website for more information and professional advice.

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