The Major And Minor Duties Of A Funeral Director

The funeral director is the person that takes care of the arrangements in the cremation or burial of a dead person, including the funeral rites that are held before the cremation or burial.

The important tasks of a funeral director involve moving the body to a mortuary, preparing it for the memorial service, making preparations for the ceremonies where friends and family will honor and pay their final respects to the deceased, and carrying out the final procedures on the body.

These responsibilities cover different types of tasks, which include arrangement of hearse for transporting the body, deciding the venue and timings for memorial service and also sending obituaries in the electronic media and in the newspapers. In addition, funeral directors also look after things like flowers and bouquet arrangements for each service, embalming and clothing the body, arrangement for shifting of the mourners from one venue to another etc.

Besides these jobs, a funeral director is also entrusted with the task of doing the essential paperwork formalities needed following a person’s death. He helps the relatives in obtaining a death certificate. He also has to handle other tasks like helping the family members with obtaining the insurance money and to take benefit of veterans’ burial scheme. He also aids in transferring pension and annuity money, if any, of the deceased person to the dependants of the dead and assists the family with estimates of the costs of the entire funeral service.

He also has to coordinate with a number of experts to perform his tasks in a proper and systematic manner. He must be able to communicate with physicians, florists, coffin makers and priests equally well.

Finally, it is essential for funeral directors to come forward and provide some comfort to the bereaved family on a personal level, in order to help them get over the loss of a near and dear one. Though some funeral directors ignore this responsibility, it is an important aspect in a job like this.

Death is a sensitive time. After all, funerals present the family with a need to transition into moving on with life. Get the best casket for your loved one’s burial. This article, The Major And Minor Duties Of A Funeral Director is released under a creative commons attribution licence.

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