Five Concepts That Form A Christian Worldview

Faithful Christians typically share five traditions that generate a worldview that shapes the nature of their beliefs. This worldview may also contain characteristics that other people perceive as factors which, in fact, define a person as a Christian. The following is not intended to be a creed or the final word on the matter, but a reliable guide on Christian beliefs.

The first aspect of such a worldview is belief in one God, monotheism, and an over-riding love of the deity who is specifically responsible for all creation. With this as the foundation of a Christian worldview, for example, an individual’s opinion of concepts that do not acknowledge God or that do not recognize the source of creation will lead to a lack of acceptance for those ideas.

The next factor in a Christian worldview is acceptance of Jesus as the son of God and the only salvation for humans, in the sense that Jesus is the way to everlasting life in heaven. In order to be a “Christian,” the meaning of the term requires literal faith in Jesus as a personal savior. This affects a person’s worldview in manifold ways, primarily in the contexts of knowing that others who believe in Jesus are also saved, that those who deny this belief are not part of the church community, and that there may be a need for teaching others about the Christian faith.

The third element of defining a worldview for the Christian faith is a belief in the Holy Ghost (or Spirit) as the manifest presence of God’s power, especially as displayed in the acts of the apostles. This leads to the need for good works, or positive actions, through the church and within the community. A Christian style of life will develop active expressions of one’s faith to affect one’s neighbors.

The fourth factor of such a worldview would be the idea of Christians as people of the book, biblios, the Bible. The Bible acts as a source of inspiration and specifically defines the point of view that each Christian should use to evaluate the events of their lives. The New Testament demonstrates for people how to believe, think, and act in order to be Christians which, in turn, leads to one’s worldview.

And the fifth element is the instruction that Christians are to demonstrate their “love” for other people in every aspect of their lives. From the basis of choosing to love other people, a Christian worldview accepts that all things will ultimately demonstrate God’s love for his faithful, that belief in Jesus is the path to everlasting life, and that Christians can express that love through their actions toward others.

An outlook on the world evolving from the aforementioned Christian principles may lead to the personal revelation that God will take care of all things in His time, and that belief in Jesus, faith in the communion of the church, and actions that express love toward others will result in a peaceful and joy-filled life, though not without common sufferings of the spirit and the body. And it is the sure blessing of salvation through Jesus that gives enduring meaning to the Christian worldview.

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