Relevance Of Christian Prophetic Guidance

In the Gospel of John, Jesus said that a son cannot do anything unless the same thing is first done by his own father. Once the father does something, the son imitates his actions. Christian prophetic guidance has an important effect on the faith of a believer as it shows them what God intends for them to see. When they have an idea of what is expected from them by God they will be able to build a stronger spiritual foundation.

Visionary exposes are experienced by numerous people in the normal life. For example some individuals get to receive words from God via bible reading. Others normally get prophetic imaginings when they are asleep as others get farsighted ideas. Some even claim that they talk and walk along with God as they get visions and direction on His strategies. These disclosures help in firming the faith of nearly every believer who gets them.

The gift of prophecy is not a necessity for a believer to get to talk to God or even just live a life that is supernatural. It is said that all of the children of God have the power of hearing from Him. They can activate this power by creating a strong relationship between them and God through engaging in a lot of prayer. Close relations with God will help anyone to achieve prophetic guidance at all times.

Believers should constantly lead a life that obeys the desires of God therefore helping them to attract many more individuals to believing and also in conveying glory to Him. They ought to adopt a surrounding that will back their belief in the Lord and improve their maturity in spiritual terms.

There are three important components of living a life that is supernatural. The first thing is knowing how to express the love of the Lord, following Jesus and always being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The believers should not make a distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual places. They must always worship God whenever and wherever they are.

Any person who desires to get prophetic guidance from the Supreme Being needs to create a personal relationship with God. By allowing the Holy Spirit into their hearts and developing intimate relations with God they are able to lead a good lifestyle. In this manner God will communicate with them on a personal level thus making their faith strong.

The manner in which they spread the word should be natural. Jesus too used natural ways of spreading the Gospel so that many people were able to relate. Believers should spread the word in a manner that is acceptable and relevant to their culture. At least a few people should be able to change their lives by watching them.

Most of all the Christians ought to know how to screen their doings. Before they engage in anything they should always be certain that it is pleasing to Him. They ought to understand that there is continuously an observer sent by God that is looking at them. By doing all the above actions they will be capable of witnessing just how essential the visionary assistance is to their mystical lives.

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