Trendy Dresses For Your Hen Night

If your hen party was planned for the holiday season, or if it was your idea to have a Christmas theme, in the attempt to revive happy memories of your past, you don’t to have to worry about not finding enough costumes to suit your taste or that of your girlfriends. While it is indisputable that you couldn’t look hot as a snowman or reindeer and, maybe, you shouldn’t anyway, because they would just melt, elf dresses would definitely enable you to look so and match your playful disposition tonight.

In this way, the joyous Christmas spirit would take a spicy twist, and the little helpers would not look plain but truly gorgeous in their hot mini dresses. Sexy waitress outfits are no strangers to hen parties, but these elf costumes could achieve more. Their aprons with oversize pockets were not conceived for the money received but for the goodies to be offered to well-behaved children.

No vulgar sex or drinking is to ‘blemish’ your party, sexiness is just to spice up a really cute and helpful character from the tales that had been read to you so many times when little. For the bride, an eye-catching green velvet dress is just waiting, naked shoulders being no contrast to the smooth fabric. On the same sexy lines, it is accessorized by a gold rope belt, setting off your waist to perfection.

Spicy dresses for your friends include a green stretch velvet mini dress trimmed with white fur around the neck and accompanied by green striped stockings. Their waists are to be set off by black belts with golden buckles. If they prefer to dress in red, in order to look different from you – the central item here tonight, there are red stretch velvet dresses as well. They are matched to green aprons with oversize pockets for all the goodies in the world.

If once you have all this color, you worry about the sound, well, none of these costumes is deprived of the holiday hat with gold jingle bells. On the one hand, there it is the mysterious luster of velvet, on the other a fair amount of white skin to counterbalance that mystery. Is not sexiness about such contrast between dressed and naked?

Every Sexy Santa needs an equally hot little helper, so don’t forget to purchase a Sexy Elf Costume!

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