North Carolina Free List On Divorce Records

Divorce records in North Carolina are considered as an open document. This means that the residents of North Carolina can easily request copies of a divorce record if they find it necessary.

Divorce is the result of failed marriage and just like marriage; the divorce has to be documented to make it official. Once the couple has been legally separated, they need to update their status and other records in the government. In order to do so, they need to provide a copy of their separation papers to the government office. The request can be denied if the divorce certificate cannot be presented since it would serve as proof of their separation. Another use of such document is when one of the divorcees has plans of marrying again. Checking on the marital status during a background check would also require checking on the divorce record. This is commonly done by the people who want to make sure that they are dating a person who is not yet married or is separated legally.

A divorce certificate not only contains information about the divorce of a couple, marriage details can also be found such as the date and the place where they got married. Details of the separation are the highlight of the document. The date and the place where the couple filed their divorce are indicated on the file. The public document would only contain the basics of the separation. The reason why the couple filed divorce cannot be found on a public file. The property and asset division is also kept confidential to respect the privacy of the couple.

Only divorce records which have been registered since 1958 can be obtained in the state of North Carolina. One has to pay $24 to proceed with the retrieval of a copy of a divorce certificate. One has to know the basic details of the file that is being requested. The request form has to include all the required information as well as the personal details of the one who filed the request. The state of North Carolina allows residents to request for a copy of their personal files. The immediate relatives of the divorcees can also obtain the document in behalf of the divorcee.

The public records of North Carolina are archived at the Vital Records Section of the state. One can go to the office to file the request for a copy of a divorce certificate. If the requested file is not available at the state office, it may be available at the county clerk office where the separation was filed and registered. A mail request can also be sent to the state office but this is not the fastest method to obtain the document since it may take days to get it.

Carolina Divorce Records Search is now a breeze with the help of the Internet. One can get a copy of a divorce certificate by going to websites that has such services. One can either pay for the service or do the search for free. Residents of North Carolina prefer to do the search by paying for the service to ensure they get accurate results and complete information.

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