Indiana Divorce Records And Other Legal Documents Now Available Online

When married couple thinks that their relationship is no longer healthy, they decide to separate or file for divorce. This is the reason why the number of divorce in Indiana is increasing every year. This makes the access to the document harder than before. To address this problem, the Freedom of Information Act has allowed the residents of the state to request for a copy of a divorce record easily.

Residents of Indiana use the divorce certificate for a number of reasons. Genealogy is one of the top reasons used by residents when they request for divorce certificate. The information that can be found on the file is used to update the family registry. It becomes a problem for the next generation if such incident is not indicated on the family tree. Some transactions in the government would require a divorce certificate. Such transactions when the divorcee would process any financial matters such as insurance. The marital status of an individual can also be verified using this document.

The divorce certificate in the state of Indiana contains details about the separation of a couple. The date and the place where the divorce was granted are indicated on the file. Unfortunately, only the basic information about the separation is indicated on the public file. Sensitive information pertaining to the separation is kept private. This includes the details about the properties of the divorcees and the custody of the children. The state respects the privacy of the individual, thus such information remains confidential.

Requesting for a copy of a divorce record in Indiana has to be done at the county where the divorce was filed. Unlike other states, the request can be done at the Vital Records Office of the state. The state office can only help with the search by verifying the information as to where the request can be done. The state office requires a processing fee for the verification of the information and a separate processing fee has to be paid for the actual search at the county office. The document is only released to the divorcees and their immediate families. Others would have to secure a special permit to access the file.

Requests can also be done by sending a mail request to the county office. Again, if the county where the divorce was filed is unknown, the request has to be first sent to the Vital Records Section for verification. The results of a mail request can take a days or even weeks depending on the retrieval process. To avoid waiting for several days, the search can be done through the Internet.

Marriage and divorce records can now be requested through the Internet. This method is, by far, the fastest method there is. There is no need to go to any office since the request can be done anywhere there is Internet connection and the results are displayed after doing only a few clicks on the mouse.

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