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Your wedding will be the most noteworthy day in your life, but if you want that day memorable then you need to ensure that your marriage arrangements are properly planned and things fall in place in right time. Planning a wedding is obviously a tough task, Today; you have several options available for this to make it happen in the way you prefer.

The options would be wedding planners, wedding directories and miscellaneous service providers. At times, wedding planners would be your great choice. At times, finance can be your major concern and then you may not prefer to have a wedding planner service. In this case, wedding directory will serve the purpose. If you stay organized and apply bit of discipline in you, then wedding directory will help you in every possible way to plan your wedding on own. Wedding directories are designed specially according to locations. Even Vancouver has a wedding directory meant for people who plan their wedding in Vancouver.

Vancouver wedding directory will take care of A-Z wedding requirements. The Vancouver wedding directory enlists venues, wedding dress boutiques and shops, florists, limousine services, wedding cake providers etc. You name it and you will have the service listed in the directory along with name and contact details. In recent year’s phonebooks have online presence, so have wedding directories. The wedding directory saves your precious time and offers you service just one click away. Today, there is no need to flip hundreds of pages to find the right service for your wedding day needs.

The wedding directory not provides the list of various wedding service providers in the area, but also have reviews of people who have had used their services before. This will help you to build confidence to avail that service. The main advantage of wedding directory is you save lot of money which you would have spent on wedding planners.

The only difference between wedding planner and directory is, planners will take care of your wedding needs from start to end and they will charge you for this. They have their skilled work force involved in the process and you just need to submit your requirements according to your budget to them. In case of wedding directory you yourself is directly involved in the process and you need to find which is the right service provider. In the beginning some people might feel tedious about this option, but there is no need to worry because you have reviews, tips and suggestions to help you. This will ensure that your wedding event runs smoothly and without any hassle.

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