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Like most things, marriages also undergo the process of wear and tear. For every unmet emotional need, a part of the marriage dwindles. For every conflict and problem left unresolved, bonds loosen. Failure to reawaken the fire that once was there could result to a different kind of forever. These, along with other factors that could make tumultuous emotions ebb and flow in a marriage, could sadly end up in a divorce. And unfortunately, almost half of the celebrated marriages in the United States experience such cataclysmic turn of events.

Registers of divorce are archived for a great deal of purposes – of which the primary reason is to provide comprehensive details on everything that occurred within the proceeding. Thus, like most other crucial records, a divorce decree is also utilized extensively in background investigations. Because it is a licit proof that a marriage is severed upon a decision in the Judge of the Court of Law, it is an obligatory requirement in the process of a remarriage.

In Colorado, divorce decrees are archived in the Vital Records Section of the State\’s Department of Public Health and Environment. Such entity, however, preserves registers of divorces for the entire Colorado State only for a certain period of time. Marriage dissolution filed from 1851 to 1939, and those filed from 1968 till the present time can be procured from this office. Divorces recorded from 1940 to 1967, however, must be requested directly from the county where the termination of marriage was filed and ratified.

Should you wish to retrieve a copy of a Colorado divorce public record free from all the hassle of the conventional method, you can do so by filing an application to the aforementioned department. The application form can be downloaded through the Department\’s online portal or obtained directly from the office. Fill out the application form with the complete names of the couple and date and county where the divorce was approved. Providing as much information as you can will help narrow the searches down. Please take note that you must include a valid photo ID stating your exact name and your current address. Otherwise, your entreaty will not be processed. All requests to such data must be submitted to the Vital Records Office in the said department via mail or in person. Enclose with your application the search fee of $17. This fee, however, is nonrefundable and must be sent via check or money-order.

Although anyone in the general public has the right to request any public records they need as per the Public Records Law and the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, not all information in a document of marriage dissolution is revealed. The purpose of this is to protect the divorcees. Unless the requester is involved in the event or the intention for the perusal is for criminal background investigations, details such as the reason for the divorce, division of the assets, and alimony and custody of a child may be divulged. As such, indicating as to how you are related with the individuals stated in the record is imperative.

Today, anyone who wishes to retrieve these files in an easier and more practical manner can do so by resorting to government or private-owned records retrieval solutions that are available online. Simply perform a quick search and viola, you can get ahold of your desired free divorce records instantaneously thus saving joyous amounts of money, time and effort.

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