Common Panic Attack Treatment and Management Methods

There are many different methods used by panic attack sufferers to reduce their anxiety level without medication. Everybody is different and what will help one person may not do anything for another. Studying and trying different methods seems to be the best approach of finding genuine help.

Something that helps to start a panic attack is called a trigger. It is important for victims to recognize their own triggers. If a specific situation or event is going to trigger anxiety it is best to stay away from it.

An example of a high stress situation to avoid might simply be having to face a lot of people in a crowded store. If a victim knows this has caused problems in the past then going shopping at a time when less people are in the store, such as late evening, would be wise. Thinking and planning ahead can reduce the chance of encountering anxiety or even a trigger.

Many times this is not possible and the situation must be addressed “head on” with confidence and maybe through the use of relaxation techniques or exercises. If you must drive on the interstate, for instance, and you know it is very stressful, then you should figure out how to do this with the least amount of stress. Maybe you should drive at a different time or maybe put something on the radio that will keep your mind focused on something else.

Some physical relaxation methods are helpful to some sufferers and not to others. These include regular exercise such as walking or running to keep the body fit and to relieve common stress. Everyone faces a certain amount of nervous tension and staying active will keep it from building into more serious anxiety.

Breathing exercises are tried a lot of times when stress is high to calm the mind down and let the body relax. But they are not helpful for a high percentage of sufferers. Also, other physical and mental exercises such as meditation and yoga can sometimes play a part in relaxing and stress relief for some sufferers.

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