The Different Duties Of A Paralegal

The law profession is a very complex and busy one to take. Most attorneys suffer from sleepless nights and stress because of the pressure that is involved in every case. The job of a paralegal in Orange County can be just as stressful and time consuming as that of a lawyer. It is not usually offered to individuals without a law degree which is why candidates of this job are usually those who have worked as legal secretaries or are people who have studied law.

This job involves researching for jurisprudence that may shed light on the case and support the good points of the case. The judicial system aims for consistency in their decisions and past decisions have a huge effect on the decision that the court will render. This will require sifting through hundreds of books for records and the like.

The report prepared by this person should include interesting points in the interview which would serve as the guidelines for the attorney to formulate questions for the other party. Summarizing important documents and articles is also their job. Important information that involves a case should be jotted down by the person.

These people are also in charge of investigative work in the case. This could include verifying details like the place, time, date and the number of people that were present on the situation. The person will also have to collect evidence either by themselves or through the evidence gathered by the police.

An affidavit is a written declaration statement that the contents of what they have said and presented are true and without malice. This is a standard procedure for witnesses and the clients alike. The court requires this document that if ever an occasion arises that the court has found somebody have violated the affidavit, appropriate legal actions shall be enforced immediately.

The legal documents are one of the important aspects of the job. The person may be required to write a variety of legal documents for their use. It is also important for the person to have a considerable knowledge on the different formats governing the writing of the documents.

Aside from doing the paperwork and the foot work. He is also required to attend the trials. He may offer support and advice to the lawyer about how the case is going. He is the point person with whom the lawyer will discuss his tactics and strategies.

Being a paralegal in Orange County is never easy since there are a lot of restrictions that comes with it. It is an intellectually stimulating career requiring analytical and logical skills. However, despite the mental and physical stress the compensation is good.

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