Look For The Top Family Law Lawyer New York Has To Offer

It’s important to speak with a lawyer if you are going through a divorce in New York. An attorney who specializes in family law will help you to get the best possible outcome for your divorce.

Can I Get Divorced Without a Lawyer?

Even though it is possible to get divorced without a lawyer in New York, it is highly advisable to work with a White Plains divorce lawyer who can help you with your legal case. There are numerous complicated laws associated with divorce in New York such as child custody and marital property laws, so you are more likely to receive a fair settlement if you make use of a lawyer.

Just How Can a Lawyer Protect My Marital Property?

Your family law lawyer New York knows the law and the aspects that have an effect on a judges decision with regards to dividing marital property. Thus, he or she can help prepare a case that allows you to keep more of your marital property and to divide your property in a fair, equitable manner.

How Can a Lawyer Help My Child Custody Case?

Your White Plains divorce lawyer can prove that you’ll be the fittest parent to take custody of your minor children. Even though courts that focus on divorce in New York are meant to take into consideration the best interests of any children, it is commonplace that there is bias towards the mother instead of the father. Your family law lawyer New York is in a position to help with joint custody or visitation rights, which means a relationship is maintained with any children.

What are the Child Support payment levels?

The amount of child support you have to pay depends on how much both you and your former spouse make, the number of children in the family and whether the children have any special needs. Generally, the non-custodial parent must pay for any expenses related to special needs, like medical treatment or on-going specialized care.

Should I Try For Collaborative Divorce?

Opting to go through a collaborative divorce makes problematic areas of a divorce, such as child custody and property division, much easier. If you and your former spouse are both willing, your attorneys can help you work out an agreement that everyone is satisfied with rather than leaving divorce terms up to the courts.

No matter whether you choose a regular or collaborative divorce, a qualified family law attorney can certainly help. Speak with a divorce lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your alternatives if you are facing divorce.

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