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To obtain the right vital information you need, it is essential to have a dependable source and an efficient information-gathering tool. For the citizens of the state of Utah, public records like divorce decrees are available at the state as well as the county offices. This can be a perplexing task, especially to those who are not familiar with certain procedures, because not all Utah divorce records are on file at the state agencies. But even if the files you requested are available, the state office is only authorized to issue a short form certified copy of the document. And the fees are a bit pricey as well, not really ideal if you are planning to order multiple copies of the document.

In the state of Utah, public documents are accessible at the Office of Vital Records, an agency overseen by the Utah Department of Health. The office keeps divorce documents filed from 1978 and onwards. The vital records office charges $16 for each copy of a short form certified divorce document, which in a sense is rather pricy considering you are only getting a summarized version of the record instead of a more comprehensive one. But if the purpose for your interest in the said document does not require you to present the complete record, then the summarized version should suffice.

If the divorce decree you are attempting to acquire is not on file at the state Office of Vital Statistics, then your next stop should be at the county office in the county where the divorce was originally granted. In this scenario, it is essential that the person interested in the document knows which county in the state of Utah the event occurred. Once that is settled, he must then visit or call the office of the County Clerk in that specific county to determine whether or not the office has the record on file. Contacting the County Clerk’s office will also help you determine the proper procedures as well as the current fees, since each county has its own policies and requirements when dealing with vital record requests.

Each of us has various intentions for trying to obtain such public records. Some need a copy of their divorce certificate for legal reasons; others want the document for genealogy purposes, while some individuals need the report with the intention of performing a marital background check. Whatever goals you may have for wanting access to public documents like divorce decrees, you certainly won’t get far in your efforts without the appropriate information sources and the right record search tools. Getting accurate and comprehensive information can be rather difficult if you can’t trust its source.

Although Internet access is available to virtually everyone nowadays, online data is a tricky thing if you are not careful. And searching for a specific public record is not easy without the aid of reputable online record providers. Fortunately, reliable record search websites are now efficient enough and competent enough to disseminate all kinds of vital documents to the public. All you have to do is input the name of the person you’re trying to checkout, choose a state, and specify the type of record you wish to access. It’s really as easy as that.

For a small one-time registration fee, you will already be able to perform unlimited vital record searches without the nuisance of following procedures or gathering requirements. So if you are wondering how to access divorce records without going through conventional channels, this is the solution you have been looking for. It is easy, quick, and cost-efficient.

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