Seven Extremely Powerful Things To Do That Are Going To Make The Woman Want You – Learn How To Get A Girl In Bed

We men are always thinking about how to get a girl in bed, so why not admit it that you want to find out more. I did. This article contains some of my most effective techniques and mindsets that have made me see my skills shoot up fast.

1) Get yourself a great-looking set of clothes. Dress well.. You will set yourself apart instantly. Wear a really nice shirt (not a T-shirt), nice jeans, and pay special attention to the shoes. A safe, but effective bet is always and has always been the color black. Also get your hair done really well.

2) Practice slow, confident, in-control body language. Practice everywhere and any time you can. I used to walk around my room doing this. Stand straight, shoulders back. Practice moving really slowly. Turn your head, your eyes slowly. You will be remembered as a confident man.

3) Be expressive with your voice. Don’t go overboard, but do change the way you talk. Pause more often. It exudes mystery.

4) Smile. Especially when you’re not talking to anyone. This is key! Work on installing this as a habit pattern. Whenever you feel down, when you feel insecure and like people around you are watching your every step – smile. Look into your eyes in a mirror and smile. Do this right now.

5) Do things to impress yourself. Do not give a second’s thought to what she thinks about you. Whenever you feel yourself getting insecure, tell yourself “STOP!” in your mind, and simply refocus your attention on the outside world. Not inside your own head.

6) Go in with no intentions at all. This is very easy to spoil – most men go on a date hoping they’re gonna “get lucky” by the end of the evening. Women have amazing radar systems to recognize that, and it will spoil the moment. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be really insecure as well.

7) It’s all under your control. If she loses interest in you, it’s something you didn’t do, or did wrong. If she likes you, at least half of it was what you did and said. All of this stuff is under your own control, you can influence this.It’s your responsibility to learn how to handle women so things always turn in your favor.

If you want to develop your skills with women, even if you have no luck with them at all right now, continue reading here: how to make a girl want you, or read the full article here: how to make a girl like you.

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