Mystery Method – How Playing Hard To Get Can Give You Instant Success With Women

I have a Mystery Method write-up you are going to want to examine VERY carefully. Within this article, you’ll discover secrets that I have not written, or taught until now.

These techniques worked so well for me that I don’t need to take advantage of them anymore. My girlfriend is weird about me trying to pick up other women… Oh well… 🙂

Now I am passing these strategies onto the lucky visitors of this post.

Imagine this…

A charming guy is saying all the right things to a strikingly gorgeous woman. Each line is objectively spoken and intended to get laughter from the exotic beauty.

Among those carefully spoken words, he engages the beauty in enjoyable games and magic tricks to get unbreakable interest from the girl.

Sounds perfect right? To the uncoached guy, he appears to be a “stud”… Most likely you thought so as well, but that’s not the reality.

Yes she’s joyful, and hanging on just about every word he speaks, but as the time goes by, things begin to slowly change.

All the laughing turns into blank stares, and intrigue turns into just a yawn.

What happened?

See, all those techniques that guy was doing was ENOUGH to get a woman’s curiosity. It sets you apart from other guys.

The unfortunate thing is, when you ‘re constantly providing women with amusement and not stopping, you become the circus monkey in her eyes.

There’s justone thing he was missing that might have gotten him far more than just “in the door”. All he needed to do was play a little hard-to-get.

You might be saying to yourself… “I’ve been told this before bro…” Hear me out.

If you’ve tested playing hard to get with no success, it’s probably because you’re making one of these three mistakes.

1. Many dudes take playing hard to get way too far.

They take it to a level where they don’t even engage the woman! I don’t care how good you look or how good your pick up routine is, you have to be in it to win it!

2. Some guys strive to hard to get a reaction out of the lady when they play hard to get.

Many of us made this error at one point. The downside is our body language reveals our underlying motive.

You have to truly care less and not project your needy-ness with non verbal communication.

Keep in mind more than eighty-five percent of communication is non verbal. That’s really important.

3. Some guys get a woman interested, but hopelessly wait for her to come back to them.

Lets say you say a hilarious comment. The girl laughs and then you decide to engage other women. After that, you waste the remainder of the time hoping, dreaming and wishing that she’ll look for you.

Bad move.

Phew… so now that I’ve gone through the most common slip ups, here’s how to execute it properly.

When it comes to getting with women, she has to perceive you as a guy with VALUE. As a matter of fact, LESS IS MORE.

Basically, Pretty much all you need is a giggle or something that brings her focus to you and you only. Something that causes her to think to herself, “That was funny/clever.” or “That’s really cool!”

After she “takes the hook”, you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, and center your curiosity on another thing.

By forcing your attention away from her, she will think that she’s losing your interest.

Don’t be terrified of the silence. Silence for this purpose is your buddy. Actually… it’s your BEST FRIEND.

This is increasing sexual tension in her by the second. Right now she’s desperately needing your attention and approval and the only way for her to get it is to pull you back into the conversation in some way.

Now my friend, you’re in. And that’s the correct way to play hard to get.

Learn this and use it to your benefit.

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