Learn How To Get A Girl In Bed – An Approach That Will Make Things Run Smooth

Most men really do not understand how to get a girl in bed. While women spend a large part of their time reading Cosmo magazine and discussing relationships and sex with their girlfriends, we men are left on our own. Most of your friends probably have no clue either.

We as a gender are in an unfair situation and I think it’s time for men to take back the power we have lost and learn how to handle beautiful women. We must learn how to choose the women we like, and not the other way around.

Let’s jump right in. What is the biggest key to knowing how to get a girl in bed? Probably not. You must not show the woman that you want her or are interested in sleeping with her. Okay, show SOME interest, but don’t be overeager. This is how women, especially beautiful women act and think. One of the biggest turn-ons for women in a man is mystery and tension. They like not being able to guess what you’re going to do next. This is what creates interest in you.

Women are very indirect communicators. Yes, if you’re being rude, she can come up and tell you to get lost in very strong language. But mostly, they will communicate their desires by saying something else. So you hear the surface message and are completely oblivious to what her real message is.

Sometimes it can seem like women have a language of their own, don’t you think? It seems like they have invented a code to hide what they’re saying from us guys. And it works the other way around too. Most women have a highly developed intuition that they use to read all the signals that you’re giving out. Women usually know very well what you mean. They’re used to speaking in code.

To you, you might simply think you’re being yourself, completely natural. However, a woman can probably read a lot of things from the things you’re communicating subconsciously – especially that you are just like the other guys. She can smell a mile away when you’re thinking: “I’m just your average Joe and I’d like to be one more guy who doesn’t really deserve it but I want to sleep with you.”

This turns women off, big time. Most probably you are communicating that kind of attitude in everything you do. And it just lets her know that there’s nothing special about you, there’s no mystery involved, and she can just ignore you like all the other guys that are coming on to her.

Try this instead: when you first meet an attractive woman, act like she’s average-looking and nothing special. Act like it’s an everyday occurrence for you to be talking to such a supermodel. Act like you could care less about what you think. I mean, be interested in her as a person, but not as a woman.

Most guys are overeager about sleeping with the woman. If you act like she’s nothing special, YOU WILL BE NOTICED. I guarantee you – she doesn’t see that often. She will instantly be getting thoughts like “wow, why isn’t this guy drooling all over me in his head like every other guy? There must be something special about him. He must have a lot of attractive women in his life”.

It sounds preposterous, but that’s almost what the thought process of the girl is going to be. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself, and see what the results are.

Now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to become skilled at this, read my article about how to make a girl like you. Simply click here: how to make a girl like you.

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