Learn 5 Tips To Court A Filipino Woman

Five tips on how to court a Filipino woman:

1. Chivalry – They say that chivalry is dead but it is definitely living and respiratory in the Philippines. Although the Filipina has evolved to being a global woman and has almost equal footing as her male counterparts, there are just some times that chivalry is almost often wished. It may sound cheesy but a thing simple as getting her Starbucks sequence or holding her purse while she runs off to the washroom are modest things that will not go unnoticed.

2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness – All women respect a guy who normally requires her out on a date to look good and smell good. Even if you may not have the greatest wardrobe in the world, the Filipino woman is very keen on informations. Did you shave, are you wearing socks, do your clothes have holes or have loose thread hanging about, are your nails clean? This may be very asinine elements however for the Filipino woman, this translates to a guy also paying attention to information and eventually will translate to him paying attention to everything she says in the hopes that her subtle hints will be noticed considering Filipinos in common are not very direct people.

3. Mommy Dearest – Filipino women take note of how the guys talks or treats his mother. More often than not, this is a fair gauge of how he will be treating you.

4. Simplicity is key – It’s safe to say that through the first few dates, we tend to embellish here and there to make us look and sound attractive or interesting. Be cautious to note that the while the Filipino woman will go for the guy who has a specific oomph, being the practical feamile she is, she also will be looking for the guy who has a good grasp on his financials. Is he too much of a spender or too much of a spendthrift that the girl finds herself paying most of the time?

5. Godliness is next to cleanliness – The Filipina woman, being raised as a devout Catholic will look for a partner who is God fearing and at the very least knows the most basic of prayers and attends Mass on Sundays. This is rooted in the thinking that if he fears God, then he is not at all incorrigible.

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