Helping Your Russian Wife Transition Into Her New Culture

An international dating service is a great way to find a partner, however that is only the start of a long process to understanding cultural differences. Introducing your Russian wife to the Western world may be trying at some times and be enlightening at others. By taking time to make a few arrangements, before her arrival, you can make her transition into her new home a little easier.

Communication between languages can cause some misunderstandings. It is likely that your new partner will speak English, why not surprise her by learning to speak Russian. That way when she arrives, she can help you better learn the language. Moreover, taking the initiative can show your wife that you have her interests at heart.

If you have no idea about Russian social structure, try to find a community of former Russian people. Ask if you can speak to some of the women and men about how Russian people differ from people in your home country. Talk about social norms and about how women are treated in Russia. Inquire about what Russian women found to be the most difficult when making their adjustments to a new country. Then find out how they managed to get through the tough times. Having an understanding of the differences your wife will face can help you help her.

Homesickness occurs across most cultures. Expect your wife to experience some of this and plan to help alleviate her yearning. With current technology setting up inexpensive phone service or internet video conferencing is fairly easy. This way your spouse can keep contact with her social circle while creating a new one with you.

Investigate your area to see if there are any Russian communities or organizations that can help your wife adjust and begin a new social circle. Plan cultural outings so she can learn about the Western culture and you can learn about hers. By making it a fun event, you both may be more comfortable learning something new.

Another important part of life to many people is their religious belief. Finding a church that celebrates your partner’s faith would be a nice gesture. If a church of her faith is not close, invite her to your church. Or see if another denomination has similar beliefs where she can recognize some practices. If either of you is not religious, allow that to.

Most people tie certain foods to their memories of home. See if there are any Russian markets or restaurants near your home. Look online for recipes and pay attention to different food and spices that may be special to her home. If there are specific kinds of cooking utensils needed to make Russian dishes, order them, and have them ready in the kitchen. Better yet, practice making some recipes and surprise her.

By planning and thinking what it may be like, being in her place, should give you ideas to help ease her transition into a new country. A lot of patience and kindness will be needed. The more she shares about her country the more you can help anticipate what the rough spots will be for your Russian Wife.

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