Dating ID And The Love Predators

Many of us may think we are too smart to be conned. This is what the Love Predator counts on–an element of denial working in you while they work their magic on you. As the saying goes, “Love is blind,” and while your intentions provide giving and receiving; theirs derive from taking whatever they can, and then leaving you. Con Artists and the love predators, go straight for your “love is blind spot.”

In my blind spot, an adept con artist came along who courted and married me with the intent to take my home, business, money, credit, and identity. And although these cases are increasingly commonplace, it’s unlikely to happen to you. However, in this era of easy anonymity, any one of us can be taken in by a love interest hiding behind a false identity; what I call a Love Predator.

With identity theft and Internet fraud, a new crime wave has emerged. It now extends to a person’s love life. Since these fraudulent activities involve matters of the heart, they are classified as civil, and allow love predators to easily escape criminal prosecution. In fact, due to anonymity factor, the true identity of a perpetrator may never be known. The damage to our culture grows daily and requires a pro-active approach.

On determining love, risks and dangers may include a betrayed heart, abandonment disorder, loss of self-esteem, trust, and time; along with damage to your psyche, making it more complex to attract the woman of your dreams. Use wisdom while searching for romance and dating success today. And use Dating ID.

What exactly dating ID? Entry to the online social networking environment requires a PC, but no identification. Dating ID or Dating Identification is a new system to determine a person’s identity so as to support a truthful dating environment.

And because of easy anonymity, the entire dating landscape has changed. Matchmaking services, online dating services, and relationship coaches advocate background searches for their clients and members to guard against romance scams. Dating ID is not a background search. Rather, it is really an identity certification issued to individuals who deliberately apply for it.

With the acceptance and popularity of online dating, the amount of people who use false photographs, wrong marital status, and false profiles is steadily rising. Marcus Frind, founder of said both women and men are equally guilty in terms of fudging profiles. “With women, it’s weight; for men, it’s height. A 3rd party (giving an assessment) is the easiest way to go.” Other dating sites such as and E-Harmony have followed suit providing identity verification for online dating service members. The fraud can range from fudging to gross misrepresentations of identity factors, with intent for personal gain.

I have developed the Dating ID concept during the last few years in answer to my con artist husband. Instead of getting bitter, I got better and filed a patent for DATING ID with the usa Trademark and Patent Office. I also share the true story, “Oops, I Married a Con Artist,” about my marriage to a man impersonating an Air Force Pilot during the 911 era in hopes that others will step up and confront this growing crime wave in a proactive manner.

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