The College Student and Time Management

In order to be effective and efficient when in college students must cultivate personal time management skills. People with good time management skills are usually able to function exceptionally well even when under extreme pressures. Good time management skills enable you to take control of your college workload and your life. This is easier said than done; so, for those struggling with this issue, here are some helpful tips to help you re-direct yourself.

Focus on the results you are getting and not on how overwhelmed you are. So many people live their days in a flurry of activities with little to show for it; no wonder frustration and stress levels are sky high so much of the time and people feel immobilized. Stress and frustration will do this. Concentrate your efforts on the things that matter the most.

How long do you spend every day on unimportant things that distract you from your task at hand which is success in college? How often do you wish that the days were longer and that if you only had more time you could accomplish so much more? If this thinking is pervading your thoughts, then you need to start setting goals by keeping a schedule and making to-do lists. By doing this you will be much better organized, reliable and effective.

The “Oh heck, I’ll get to that later” thinking has led to the downfall of many students. Once this thinking takes hold, your workload can get so high that it is insurmountable. You need to refocus because procrastination is a habit you do not want to form. So, it is very important to recognize that you are procrastinating, figure out why you are doing it and then setting up some strategies to beat this pattern of behavior. Cultivate the habit of starting assignments promptly and make up your own rewards for each task completed.

Prioritizing what you need to do and accomplish is especially important. Without prioritization, you may be working very hard and feeling like you are getting nowhere. This is where a “to do” list comes in. But it cannot be a random list, it must be structured for maximum effectiveness. Set your list up strategically in any way that makes sense to you (most important to least important, easiest to hardest etc.) so that when deadlines are approaching you won’t find yourself totally frustrated trying to get something critical done at the last minute.

Whatever you do, you need an organized system that allows you to handle your workload regardless of the pressures placed on you. Time management skills are the keys to your college success; get serious about effectively managing your time and you will never again have to worry about what needs to get done or where you are going. You will be on your way to knowing your goals, maximizing your effectiveness and winning control of your life and time.

Sue Behlmar writes eduaction related articles for the American Educational Guidance Center. Subjects of her articles include online colleges, financial aid and online degrees most likely to lead to career advancement.

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