Topic Of Karma Reincarnation Is Of Great Interest To Many

The Buddhist and Hindu religions, as well as other minor Eastern religions, view karma reincarnation as a natural and Godly law. In their estimation no act is ever completed with a response. Return a kind deed with another kind deed and a bad act has bad repercussions. Karma follows through from this life to the next incarnation according to their beliefs. If you have good luck, it indicates you did good things in your last karma reincarnation.

For the believers, karma is contemplated as something that urges a person to do only good deeds. Just as Christianity urges passivity and goodness in its followers, Buddhism and Hinduism urges people to accept what life hands them and understand it as reward or punishment for past life actions.

Karma is a do all, be all, answer for everything that happens in life. It encourages passivity rather than taking charge and trying to improve the life you live NOW.

It can be a very negative way to view life in many ways. One leader, a man named James Van Praagh, says he is a psychic who is in touch with the billions of individuals who lived and passed away from life on earth. We can certainly refuse to believe him, however, we cannot definitively prove him wrong.

Citizens of the Western world view reincarnation as a concept not relating to any religious beliefs. Meditation, psychic ability and other methods of dealing with life’s problems are all borrowed from the beliefs of the Eastern world. We don’t believe people who claim to be leaders by virtue of their psychic abilities. Why go through life just accepting whatever happens to us? If we accept that we cannot change anything, we will never make any progress.

No wonder people reject religious concepts. Who wants to be as passive as a herd of sheep following blindly as they follow their leading animals over a cliff. Man is more accomplished than that. He and she can grab life and wrestle it to the position they want their path to follow. They are not helpless souls who wait and celebrate or bemoan whatever life hands to them.

You can be your own detective. You can find ways to explore the possibility of a past life or lives. Try meditation. Try one of the responsible therapists in your area. Find one who is well-educated and open to the concept of exploring the past. Past life regression therapy is practiced by reputable therapists, although there are many who dismiss this type of pursuit. Who can prove it’s real or unreal?

If you can afford the money and time, there is no harm in trying past life regression therapy sessions. Try others as well if that doesn’t work out well for you. There are all types of therapies and practitioners. Choose someone with good credentials.

You may want to try hypnotism to recall past life experiences. Find a therapist trained in the method to assist you. Relaxation is key to the process. You are in an ultra-relaxed state. Some people consider it to be trance like. Explore the possibilities of you having lived before by trying to remember facts and names of places that can later be verified true. Karma reincarnation may or may not be actual fact. No one knows for sure.

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