Projection Of Astral Body – An Overview

Projection of Astral Body refers to separation of one’s inner soul or spirit from that of his physical body and projection of the same outwards from the latter into other astral planes or higher realms of consciousness.

There are two models reflecting two different thought process or beliefs where projection of astral body is concerned. These are the Phasing Model and the Mystical Model which are two distinctly different school of thoughts regarding what projection of astral body is all about.

Projection of astral body as explained by the Mystical Model puts it across as a true out of body experience. Thus, this school of thought as defined by Robert Munroe believes in the existence of astral planes as higher levels or realms that exists externally to the physical universe. Hence the soul of a man separates from that of his physical body and travels outwards and upwards to it.

Projection of astral body according to this model starts with the creation of a subtle energy form within an individual after which this energy body is projected outside the physical body to higher realms of consciousness remaining connected to the latter with the help of a illuminated, silver energy umbilical cord.

The main works on the Mystical Model approach of projection of astral body can be found in the books of ‘Out of Body Experiences’ by Robert Peterson, ‘Astral Dynamics’ by Robert Bruce and ‘Projection of Astral Body’ by Carrington and Muldoon which go on to explaining the phenomenon as an external out of body experience thereof.

According to the Phasing Model, projection of astral body is not about projecting one’s inner self to an externally located astral plane as given by the Mystical Model. Rather, it talks about the physical existence and the astral body as the two extremes or two distinct phases on the same consciousness spectrum.

Thus, according to Robert Munroe, the propounder of the Phasing Model, projection of astral body is all about projecting oneself to a different phase of consciousness and not to an external astral plane located outside one’s physical body. In short, this model ceases to explain the phenomenon as an out of body experience and is more in line to the philosophy which states external reality as man’s internally created state.

It must be noted that both the Phasing Model and the Mystic Model exists with their contrary beliefs and their particular set of followers but it is still unclear as to which holds good where projection of astral body is concerned. While the debate is raging on regarding whether each physical object has an astral counterpart or not, or whether spirits reincarnate into physical bodies making astral projection possible, it may also be that projection of astral body is a result of some entirely different fact.

As a conclusion it can be stated that the exact causes behind projection of astral body remains to be unearthed and proven by science. However, it can be safely said that the journey of astral travel is something that provides an individual a spiritual bent of mind through which he develops a matured and spiritual outlook towards life, death, reality and relationships.

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