Learn Astral Projection And Explore The Universe

Astral projection is an interesting and mysterious concept that is not fully proved by science but well experienced by millions of people for many centuries. It is defined as taking our spirits into a world where fully different to space we are existing now. Our body growth and dimensions is always react to atmosphere and many scientific factors such as gravity, time and dimensions but while astral projection, you are free from all those factors. Once you experience this concept, you will be able to reach anywhere in the universe with the help of your spirit. Other than fun, spiritual enjoyment and adventures, your mental power and concentration skills double with astral projection practicing.

The beautiful and interesting fact that experts displayed out from their researches is human being can undergo spiritual travel even in their conscious state of mind. In order to achieve this state of mind you need to be well prepared in your mind and body. It is possible to all by constant practicing. You have best to practice meditation and yoga to gain control over your mind and direct your thoughts.

A space free from noise and external distraction is very crucial to get significant results. While practicing at home, you may choose a time where no household materials or family members disturb you. Let them sleep or gone away home. Sole point here is clam and quietness.

When practicing inside your living room, it is better not lying on mattress or bed because you may feel sleepy; best recommended in sitting at a sofa. The sofa or couch must not be very rough or stretching more on your moves. The comfortably at sitting on couch determines the comfortable practice of astral projection.

Lay flat on your bed and looking up and lay your hands close to your body. Look straight up and stretch your arms up. If you are falling asleep your body will fell down so that you can wake up. Put your bed and pillow properly and assure a comfortable lying.

Close your eyes, take long deep breaths to relax your mind. Certain images, sounds and thoughts will come to your mind. Concentrate on it if you are feeling any thing extra ordinary. For example you feel like you forgot to put your pillow right. If you feel any thing unusual it means your soul is willing to take a travel.

Freshen up your mind and wipe out unwanted thoughts. It is impossible to dream with a stressed or pressured mind. It is very essential to convince your mind that your body is going to spiritual walking. You should have a strong belief about your ability to undergo on astral travel. Even your slight fear about getting back to your normal condition may harm your efforts. Wake up and get relax after regular intervals. This is for keeping your body away from sleep. There you can create drowsy state. This is ideal for astral projection.

To wander all over the universe and best experience astral projection, you need to practice astral travel practices in regular manner. It not only offers wonderful experiences but also improves your power of mind and intelligence.

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