Positive Character Is Valued By Society

Just as negative behaviors ripple out their devastating effects, positive character ripples out positive effects. This is how we can affect others in a positive way. When we choose to consistently demonstrate positive character, the effects ripple outward giving others hope that our society and world can change for the better. For instance, if everyone in a community decided to practice honesty, then there would be no theft in that area. There would be no muggings, pickpockets or burglaries. There would be no need to lock the doors to your home or car, and if you forgot your wallet or purse somewhere, it would be returned to you with all of your money in it.

The ripple effect from such a phenomenon would stretch far and wide. First, the number of crimes, arrests, as well as, the police officers on patrol would be greatly reduced. Since there would be no shoplifting, the price of merchandise would also be significantly lowered. In addition to this, there would be a ripple effect of peace and security throughout this community.

The above scenario may sound too great to be true, and you’re probably thinking, “I doubt this, seriously, not in my lifetime.” But every once in a while there are articles about individuals who choose to be honest, compassionate, courageous and responsible. If one person could learn the value of having a positive character and treating others with compassion and respect, it gives hope that others can as well. If one person can do it, why can’t others?

Our society labels people who demonstrate positive character traits and go out of their way to help others heroes. In all actuality, they are ordinary people with a moral character doing extraordinary things. Headlines like, “Boy Finds Purse and Returns It To Elderly Woman” or “Young Girl Rescues Toddler From Drowning” ripple outward giving hope that these same positive character traits can be internalized by others. A person may not get an opportunity to be a “hero” everyday; but, by demonstrating positive character traits in one’s daily interactions with others, one can motivate and encourage others to be positive, too.

Have you ever read the classifieds? All companies and businesses require that their employees be responsible and trustworthy. They even ask if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime, and if so, what was the crime? Some companies require that anyone applying for a position with them must undergo drug testing. Businesses are also aware that their customers value honesty and dependability. They advertise these moral character traits in order to make potential customers interested in their businesses. Any business that provides a product or a service for the public knows that no one wants to feel cheated or to be “ripped off”. They also know that if they make inferior products and are dishonest in any way, customers will no longer trust the quality of their products and they would go out of business.

We buy merchandise because we trust that merchants will be honest and make products that are of high quality. The ripple effect which results from the moral character of businesses and companies is one of a better economy and a stronger nation financially. By treating someone with kindness and consideration, you could motivate and inspire that person to treat someone else with the same kindness and consideration. However, the opposite is just as true. Another saying that shows how we are affected by one another is “violence causes more violence.” For example, if you are violent towards someone, they could , in turn, be violent towards you and also violent towards others.

Honesty, respect, truthfulness, and compassion are all positive moral character traits that, when applied to how nations interact with each other, can result in tolerance, understanding and peace around the world. Imagine if all nations who are in conflict would begin to incorporate positive moral character traits when interacting with each other. The ripple effect from this would be awesome. The fighting and wars would end. People would be able to live in peace without the threat of violence to rob them of their property, lives, or the lives of their children.

Instead of spending billions of dollars on military and nuclear weapons, we would feed the hungry and find cures for the hundreds of diseases that kill thousands of people each year. Do not underestimate the importance of a positive moral character in the life of an individual, society and the world. A positive character is to be valued and maintained by all people if we want our world to be a safe and secure place for everyone.

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