Why Can’t You Motivate Yourself To Study? Five Tips From Top Students To Turn It All Around

There is no question that it is very hard to find the energy and drive required to get study done when you don’t know how to motivate yourself to study. Motivation and passion go hand in hand, but it can be extremely difficult to get passionate about studying!

In order to find some answers to the question of how best to get motivated to study we’ve found some answers from students just like you. The following are the top five tips to get yourself moving when you couldn’t care less about studying!

Tip One. Get conscious about your thoughts. Did you know that you have thousands of conscious thoughts every day? Over 50,000 to be exact! And how many of those thoughts support you? How many of those thoughts help you feel motivated and inspired? When you think things like “There is no point trying because I will only fail” or “I’m too lazy to start that assignment” it links directly to what actions you take. But in this case your actions will be doing nothing! So start taking notice of what you say to yourself and change it. When a negative thoughts pops in counter it with a positive one. If you think you can’t tell yourself you definitely can! It really does make all the difference.

Tip Two. Visualize yourself taking action and having success. We all know that the best athletes in the world visualize themselves achieving great things, so you can do it too! Think about yourself doing all your homework, getting your assignments in on time and acing the next test or exam. Then visualize what it feels like to achieve this. Do this as many times as required to start really believing it will happen!

Tip Three. Take baby steps. If you look at an assignment or a task in its entirety it often looks massive! That’s why you need to chop things up and take small actions – consistently. If you think “I have to work hard for five hours to get this done” you will not be motivated to get started. But if you think “I will do 30 minutes of work now and then have a break for 30 minutes” then you are making progress. Do that a few times and you’re done! Keep in mind that you have to take action to achieve a result. Even lottery winners actually buy a ticket you know!

Tip Four. Find some other study sufferers. You will feel really empowered when you spend time with others who are going through the same thing you are (not to mention more accountable). But the best part about finding friends who are having the same experience as you is being able to hear their about their tips and tricks for getting the work done.

Tip Five. Remind yourself that you’re closer to the end that you’ve ever been. One of the biggest challenges for students is not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve been studying and working hard for years and you still have a few years ahead of you. You’ve done mountains of work in your lifetime but more work just keeps piling up. It’s relentless! Well, you need to take a deep breath. Every day brings you closer to the end – of your studying days! Every time you study for an hour or hand in an assignment or complete a test you have moved forward. You won’t have to do that again and you’ve knocked down one obstacle in your way. Every action you take brings you closer to your destination. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to study. The most important thing about motivation is to find what works for you and start taking action every day. Good luck!

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