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You know that smoking is bad for your health. You know that it will kill you. You are desperate to stop, but you can’t! If you are wondering how you can stop smoking forever, read this article if you dare to try these methods! They have not been discussed before, but I have found them to be very effective!The smoking method. This sounds crazy, but it works for me! Find a room and close all the windows and the door. Then lit a few cigarettes and leave them to burn. [

[Best Way To Stop Smoking]


There are a number of quit smoking aids available that can help you give up your smoking habit. These aids include nicotine patches, hypnosis, counseling, herbal and non herbal medication. You may want to consult your physician and choose one of the aids that suit you the best.

Here are some tips to help you quit smoking:Select a date and stick to it.Talk to your family and friends about quitting and get their support. They are the ones who should understand best and respect your decision the most. You can be each other’s support structure. Exchange your experience and tips.Take up another habit to substitute the habit of smoking. It can be simply to replace the oral fixation with sugar free chewing gums, or an activity of your choice.

The digging method. After you are done with step 2, its time for the killer move. This might sound gross, but it should also work for you. After you are done with the chain smoking, here is the next thing you should do: put your finger into your throat and start to wriggle around, as if you are looking for something that is trapped in your throat. This action is sure to make you puke! IMPORTANT POINT TO TAKE NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE UNSURE! This method is supposed to make you feel worse and create a psychological effect that smoking is horrible and that you should quit now!The 3 steps that I have suggested works perfectly well for me, and I have not touched a cigarette ever since.

If you have stopped smoking in the past and not felt much of a desire, then you may well fall into the same pattern whenever you make an attempt to stop.The best way to help yourself when quitting smoking is by deliberately inducing your desire to smoke, so that you can retrain yourself to manage it and consciously accept it. This might look as though you are making things more difficult for yourself, but in fact you are simply facing up to a difficulty that already exists.Inducing a desire to smoke is a conscious mental exercise. It means deliberately interrupting your thoughts about the other things in your life, and, with your cigarette packet in front of you, focusing on the feelings inside you of wanting to smoke.There is a reason you are avoiding feeling your desire to smoke: you are no doubt afraid of it because you think it might make you smoke. You see it as an enemy, a nuisance and an unnecessary pain. When you deliberately induce it, you break down this negativity and fear, and turn the desire into something you have power over.

Reduce your intake gradually. It is really very difficult to stop smoking overnight because your body will feel a lot of discomfort. If you get rid of your cigarettes overnight then you are likely to start the habit all over again because you can’t do without the nicotine.Do not set very high expectations of yourself when you do stop smoking entirely. It is not just a question of will power. You will only feel bad about yourself when you inevitably pick up your habit all over again. In fact, you should expect to have relapses a few times at least before you are eventually successful in quitting the habit.

Try and reduce your stress levels so that you do not have an excuse to start smoking once you have quit the habit. Take up yoga, meditation or exercise so that you feel good about yourself and have no excuse to resume the habit.Stay away from people who smoke cigarettes. If you are exposed to second hand cigarette smoke very frequently then you might reach out for cigarettes without even thinking about it. Get all the assistance you need in order to increase your chances of success. There are many products available in the market that can help you achieve your objective by supplying your body with nicotine in order to reduce your levels of discomfort.

Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind.Some people avoid resolving this conflict by ignoring their desire and quite often feel confident that they have conquered their addiction. One of the more unhelpful things about repression is that, at the time you use it, it appears to be effective, and is therefore rarely perceived as being a problem.You can see from your own experience that it is a problem, though, if you have ever stopped before. The first cigarette you smoked when you went back to smoking was preceded by a desire to smoke, even though you may have only been dimly aware of that desire at the time.

Research on the herb first before you use any supplement. Knowledge is power and the more you know how a certain herb works like dosage, side effects, safety levels, adverse effects on various medications, etc, the more you will likely use it to quit smoking. Use the web as a great resource of many herbal remedies to stop smoking.Some herbs may be effective to use to stop smoking but are unsafe to use for along period of time. Some herbs are also banned by the FDA so it is best to visit their site or look for alternative herbal remedies that are safer to use.

Natural herbs may cause adverse effects to medications you are currently using. It is best to consult your doctor for the use and dosage of any herbal supplement or treatment that uses natural herbs before using them.Buy natural herbs only from trusted dealers. The web may be a great resource of knowledge about herbal remedies but can also be a haven for scammers. Look for FDA approved sites that supply safe natural herbs. Do not go for fly by night offers and fantastic companies that offer money back guarantees. They may just be out there to get your money and credit information when you pay online.Check how natural herbal supplements are prepared before you buy them. When herbs are dried and moisture removed for processing and packaging, herbs may lose their therapeutic abilities. It is best to look for herbs that are prepared more naturally and faster after harvest so that nutrients and the therapeutic properties are preserved.The use of natural herbs in quitting smoking may only be successful if combined with smoker’s education and other alternative remedies. It is still best to consult your doctor regarding the ideal quitting smoking treatment for you so you can stop smoking for good.

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