Phobia Treatment: How To Overcome Your Cynophobia

Gephyrophobia, also known as bridge phobia, is an unreasoning fear or dread of crossing bridges. There are several reasons for this phobia to exist. In many cases, this is a part of a larger group of phobias, such acrophobia, fear of heights, or a fear of the water. In other cases, this phobia stands alone.Bridge phobia and most other phobias, often develop following a traumatic experience. For example, it was feared that a great number of cases of bridge phobia would be diagnosed following the collapse of the interstate overpasses in San Francisco a few years ago. Whenever people approach the object of their phobias, they begin to experience feelings of anxiety, sometimes leading to a full blown panic attack.

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The most commonly used phobia treatment is the behavioral treatment. The main focus of this type of treatment is to expose people to their fears in hopes that it will extinguish their anxiety, and ultimately, OCD. There are three basic components for this treatment, namely systematic desensitization, modeling and flooding. Systematic desensitization involves the client making a list of the situations or objects they fear, ranked from the most to least feared. During this method, the therapist teaches relaxation techniques, and then proceeds to exposing the client from least feared to the most feared. Results are gradual for this method, and will end only when the client can face his or her fears without overwhelming anxiety, and the distressing compulsions are gone.

Some bridges are known to be built so high or so open that they trigger a panic attack in many of the people who attempt to drive or walk across them. Many of these bridges have become aware of the problem, at least the people who own the bridges, and offer a fee based service whereby someone will drive your car across the bridge for you.

Bridge phobia is not an uncommon problem. The good news is that there are ways to get over it without having to limit one’s self to one area because crossing a bridge is out of the question. Treatment, therapy, and behavior modification are all available methods of dealing with this or any other phobia.

A social phobia treatment is very valuable for people who are experiencing social phobia or also called social anxiety. This means that certain people can be extremely shy or conscious about themselves. These feelings develop into fear of social situations and socially phobic individuals usually avoid them.

Commitmentphobia phobia can affect all areas of a person’s life. Commitment phobics often fear committing to a relationship, a job, a pet, or anything else. These fears are exaggerations of normal fears of making the wrong choice of a mate or job. The sufferer generally fears most that which he or she wants most, which suggests the phobia is born of a fear of failure or a feeling of unworthiness and so subconsciously decide to reject someone before they can be rejected.While most phobias can be treated by frequent brief exposure to the item or situation feared, a therapist can’t expose a client to repeated relationships.The only way to treat this condition is to uncover and treat the root causes. Many commitment phobics experienced the death of a parent or a parental divorce or some other abandonment issue. Someone may have been abused or betrayed by a member of the opposite sex and so is afraid to trust.

A social phobia treatment can consist of three ways,Medications.Medications are usually used to alleviate an anxiety attack symptom but they don’t totally cure an individual’s social phobia. Some of the most common types of medication used for anxiety attack treatment are beta blockers, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines.

Because dental phobia, other people would be willing to bear the excruciating pain rather than visiting a dentist, but do you know that leaving a toothache unattended can lead to problems that are more serious? Bearing the pain and waiting until it is too late may lead to have your tooth extracted, and you will have another set of problems to face.Your teeth play a very important role in your overall appearance and self-esteem. If you have missing, chipped, or broken teeth, or if they are discolored or yellowed, you will refrain from smiling and socializing with other people and shun away from invitations instead of looking forward to them.

Therapy.CBT or Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most valuable treatments used to reduce an anxiety or panic attack symptom. This type of treatment is rooted in the idea that negative thoughts and feelings influence one’s behavior. What CBT does is teach an individual to replace negative thoughts with more balanced views.It also involves gradual and systematic techniques in confronting social situations instead of dodging them. Therapies and medications usually work well together so it is also advisable that they be taken simultaneously.

Support System.As much as therapy and medications can help in anxiety attack treatment, so does family and close friends as support system to an individual. One becomes more courageous if he knows that the important people in his life are supportive of him. Further, while he is taking small steps, setting a small goal and gradually reaching for it, the encouragements in between of family and friends will go a long way.Combating social anxiety is never easy but with the help of social phobia treatment and the support of family and friends, an individual can slowly confront anxiety. One can learn management of fear, coping with an anxiety attack symptom and develop confidence in dealing with social situations.

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