Girls’ Self Esteem

Every girl has some insecurities, the man in her life can help build her self esteem by doing a few things which will surely leave her feeling sexy, here are a few l gathered,Look into her eyes before or after kissing and let her know how beautiful she is.Compliment her when she is dressed up.Express how much you like certain parts of her body and how you wish you could look at them or all day.Send her an sms to remind her how special she is to you.Remind her of some of the special things or words she would have done and express how much you like the way the way she thinks.Express how you like the way she does certain things to you physically or emotionally.

Follow the steps to happiness – the three steps are as follows ad offer the very basic keys to simple happiness, and can be a good boost to self esteem. These include getting regular exercise, regular mental exercise – in other words learning new things and challenging your mind, and of course frequent social interactions. Make sure you do each of these 3 thing as often as you can because these three steps alone can lead to a very simple quality of happiness and confidence.

Do give in to Social Pressure – A very female specific issue in regards to self esteem is the massive social pressure that is placed on us in our culture. If you look at the TV, the news, movies, advertisements, magazines, there is a very similar pattern that is telling us that we must have a small butt and firm boobs or else we are unattractive. This whole social misunderstanding is so fundamentally wrong that I could write a whole book on it!

Start small – tackle one thing at a time. Don’t try to do too much. Learn one technique and then use it for a while and also tackle one stressful situation at a time.Amanda Strang is a psychologist and psychotherapist working with parents and families all over world. Her interest is in what makes healthy, happy families and she has developed many training programmes for children, parents and carers to build skills to make successful family units.Self esteem can be a confusing thing for many people, and in my experience it is usually women and girls who have the most problems with it so ladies, this article is for you!

Whilst self esteem activities for girls may conjure up ideas of getting makeovers and new hair-do’s I’m going to try and steer away from that sort of thing as I’ve found that this is not really self esteem building, but a very shallow way that gives you fake confidence and is no real help in the end. I’m not against dressing up and looking good (c’mon, every girl loves to look good) but it cannot be your source of confidence and self esteem in life as it is too variable, inconsistent and circumstantial.

The initial step in building self esteem back to a healthy level could possibly be the toughest. It requires total honesty with oneself. The mask of deception and false representations of oneself must be taken off and the individual must be able to see herself as open and bare.Some of the masks could be in the form of anger. Anger is a defense mechanism that could be used to protect against others from seeing what is really going on inside of a person. The anger mask is put on when the individual feels threatened in some way. To those on the other side of the mask, the persona of toughness is seen, when actually on the inside of the anger, fear resides. There is also the fear from the discovery of inadequacies being revealed. Beneath the “anger mask” sits vulnerability and perceived weakness.

Resist Social Pressure – A very female specific issue in regards to self esteem is the massive massive social pressure that is placed on us in our western environment. If you look at tv, the media, movies, advertisements, magazines, there is a very congruent pattern that is telling us that we must have a small bum and firm breasts or else we are unattractive. This whole social misconception is so fundamentally flawed that I could write a whole book on it!

The bottom line and the best advice I can give you about it is that know that true confidence and self esteem does not come from being eye candy, this is a false sense of self image and confidence which will disappear once a woman reaches a certain age. The trick is not to get swept up in this whole “looks is everything” argument. Make sure you look after yourself and feature whatever you cannot fix(aka – if you have crooked teeth, that doesn’t mean they can’t be clean) as it is normal for everyone to want to look presentable, this is fine.

Don’t blame somebody else for your problems and/or frustrations!Do something about them, accept them and work on them to make yourself better! Try to understand, connect to and enhance your experiences with people and yourself. Learn from your mistakes and have fun when meeting new people. Eventually you will begin to look at women/men and all different types of people in a respectful and humble way! Real connections will begin to emerge and better relationships will begin to form when you do so from now on.

Surround yourself with supportive people – A big step to developing self confidence and any self improvement in life is to surround yourself in a supportive environment, filled with people who will be always be willing to encourage you. This may be your family, friends, co-workers, etc. Find people who love you for you and will be there to help you up whenever you are down. Confidence and self esteem cannot grow from an unreceptive environment, so make sure yours is supportive. If they have the opposite affect, get out of there or limit your time spend there as overtime it will have a negative affect on your self confidence, and be a cause of your low self esteem symptoms.I hope these self esteem activities for girls have been helpful to you.

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