Do Subliminal Messages Work?

In recent years there has been a tool by which people can build confidence and learn to rebuild their lives after experiencing tough life experiences. This tool is called subliminal messages and people wonder if they work or not. Subliminal messages work as a form of self hypnosis, and are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, which was founded by John Bandier in the 1970s as a way of helping people overcome certain phobias. In NLP, a person uses positive affirmations that they create or which come from outside sources in order to counteract negative emotions. But do they really work? Yes In fact, this technique is so powerful; the US Government banned its use in television advertising decades ago! Dozens of scientific papers have been written demonstrating the effectiveness of subliminal messaging. Below are a few studies that have been conducted:

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Before we get into the main areas of subliminal use, it is important to understand what a subliminal message actually is.Generally by using the term subliminal message we mean a means of transmitting a message beyond the means of conscious human perception, yet still reaching the mind to influence behavior. For example we receive a message without our awareness yet it still has an impact upon the brain.In truth the definitions are flexible, so lets define them in terms of “soft” and “hard” messages: This is where the suggestion is very passive.. where it is just a subtle suggestion such as a provocative or sexual pose, maybe even a play on words, but nothing too technical – a mere hint.This is what we really usually mean by the term, where an obvious subliminal technique is used, such as flashing images, hidden text, software, or audio moved to a different sound frequency so it is just out of hearing range.

When a person listens to subliminal audio’s containing positive affirmations, they’re more motivated to quit smoking and this works better than most smoking cessation products. Dr. Lloyd Silverman, a psychologist at New York University, has studied the benefits of subliminal audio messages for 20 years and he conducted a study in which he gave subliminal audio messages to one half of the group. He found that 65% of the people who received audio messages no longer smoke.

Subliminal audio’s can also assist in losing weight effectively and work as a supplement to healthy eating and exercise. In a recent study conducted at a weight loss clinic in Metairie Louisiana, a doctor at this clinic gave his weight loss patients subliminal messages and some weeks after this happened, 50% of the patients who received messages improved in their weight loss.

In conclusion, subliminal stimuli which give positive affirmations or visual images help people overcome negativity in their lives. Based on the studies subliminal messages can help you with weight loss, improve academic performance, help you quit smoking, and the overcoming of phobias. Subliminal software programs are an inexpensive and effective way to improve your life.

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