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Fear of public speaking — it’s more widespread than we suspect. My daughter, in fact, was an A student in college whose last required class was public speaking. She was so anxious about facing an audience she called me to say, “I may have to drop out of college; I just can’t do this dad. Public speaking makes me physically ill.”

[Fear Of Public Speaking]

On the first day of class I got into a class of kids who all appeared sane and public speaking anxiety free. I wished I had their confidence. As my luck would have it I was summoned to the front of the class to introduce myself to the class. I took a deep breath of confidence and went to the front of the class. Standing at the front of the class I felt fairly normal, but as soon as I opened my mouth that breath of confidence slipped right out.

Fear of public speaking? Gone. It was as if, she said, this fear had never existed.Public speaking class. We were to give a three to five minute speech about ourselves. They were OK, nothing to get excited about, and then Byron R.’s turn came. Since that April spring day I’ve heard many speeches, but I’ve never seen anyone as nervous as Byron, which was surprising to all of us because he was one of the school tough guys, or so we thought.

As I mentioned previously: you are not alone if the thought of speaking in public scares you. Giving a presentation is worrying for many people. As we saw before, presenting or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys of people’s top fears – more than heights, flying or dying.As an illustration, I quote two popular sayings which feature in many presentations about giving presentations and public speaking:

On another occasion a few years later I was a member of a public speaking club that met weekly. We used up a lot of time that night discussing our annual party for spouses and friends we wanted to invite. The discussion finally came down to what beverages would be served. Coffee, of course, was on the agenda and why it took over a half hour merely to discuss coffee I’m about to tell you because what happened is another of those unforgettable images etched in my mind thanks to Mr. O.For nearly fifteen minutes he gave an impassioned speech about why we needed to rent special coffee urinals, instead of urns, and yes our budget was tight, but he felt so strongly that we needed to splurge and rent coffee urinals that well, we were laughing so hard, we let him go on and on about coffee urinals longer than decorum should have permitted. My ribs ached for a week and we’re lucky no one laughed so hard an emergency vehicle had to be called to cart them off to the emergency room of the nearby local hospital.

One way to overcome your fear is to use an activity to break down your fear into controllable components. It’s simple to do and it really works!Here is an easy exercise you can do if you, like so many others, have a fear of speaking.Tell yourself exactly what you are afraid of.”I am frightened to speak in front of a large group.”

Explain to yourself why you are afraid.”I am afraid because I think everyone will laugh at me.” ,”I am afraid something will go wrong.”Tell yourself why you shouldn’t be afraid. “I have never seen a speaker get laughed off the stage.”, “No one has ever laughed at me during my earlier presentations.”,”If something does go wrong, I can put it right.”Close with positive thoughts about yourself.”I am a intelligent and well-prepared person.”,”I can give a solid presentation and make a good impression on my audience.”

Quote: Understanding our fears is the first and most important step to conquering them. As the saying goes, don’t try to get rid of the butterflies – just get them flying in formation.OTHER WAYS TO HELP OVERCOME YOUR FEAR,Know your material inside out. Remember the quote: prior preparation prevents poor performance. It could also say that: prior preparation presents perfect performance.Know the room- arrive early and check out where everything is. Walk around and look at things from the audiences view.Make contact with your audience before you speak. It’s wonderful to have made friends that you can connect with while speaking.Use good relaxation and breathing exercises. Watch how you speak about yourself. Change: “I am so nervous”, to: “I am really excited.” What you say is what you get. Change the nervous energy to enthusiasm.

The only way of curing the fear of speaking in public is gaining confidence, and that cannot be achieved overnight. So if you want to cure yourself of such a problem, be ready for some grueling hard work for a decent period of time. There are no quick remedies that will build you up in a jiffy for your Board meeting next week and only an extensive effort on your part will be likely to treat you of your problem.Having said that, however, one must also accept that treating Public Speaking Phobia is fairly simple.

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