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Most people think that to break pornography addiction, you can do so simply by avoiding exposure and resisting. However, this is what most try but fail every time so if you are among those people, you should know this. Unfortunately, pornography addiction is something that isn’t easy to break and just like any other type of addiction, it is very hard to leave. By reading the following, we will guide you through the reasons why it is so hard, what are the effects of a porn addict and how you can find the proper treatment so you can break pornography addiction forever.[

[How To Break Porn Addiction]


Internet porn addiction, which refers to the excessive use of pornography, has become a common problem not only among adults but also among children and teens. With the wide availability of pornographic websites sprawled all over the Internet that are easily accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse, even young people are drawn to looking at pornographic images.

So how do you know when you are addicted to pornography? Pornography addiction has symptoms similar to drug and gambling addictions, although this condition is not yet listed in the DSM-IV category of mental disorders like the two conditions mentioned. Dependence on pornography, interference of pornography with work, relationships, and inability to perform sexually without stimulation from pornographic sites, are just few of the many signs of this condition.

It can have some tremendous negative effects on a person’s behavior and mental health. Most porn addicts start to become detached of reality and see things differently. They tend to see women or men as sex objects rather than people and porn can desensitize a person a lot on that matter.This can have a tremendous impact on their lives and often, pornography addiction can lead to committing acts such as masturbating, using prostitutes, one night stands, the use of objects, going out to see strippers etc. It can result in divorces, break ups and more serious mental problems.

How Can I Break Pornography Addiction.Now if you already tried to break your pornography addiction but failed, chances are you are going through the same cycle like most people are. They first try to resist the temptations and try to avoid exposure to it but as time passes by, their desires becomes so overwhelming and irritating that they can’t work, sleep do to any normal activity without thinking about it. As such, they finally give in and once they’re done, they are only left with regrets and want to try harder next time.This is the most common cycle most people go through and if you are seeing yourself doing this, you probably have a pornography addiction.

People become addicted to pornography because of the sexual pleasure they derive from looking and viewing pornographic images and videos. Sometimes, some people simply overlook their personal relationships and fail to realize that their sexual relationship with their partners is more important than spending the whole day looking at porn websites. If only you would take time to improve your relationship and increase intimacy with your partner, you will find that there is less or no need for you to get sexual pleasure from pornography.

Ask people at the local supermarket, or in your church, and you would think this was no more than a conundrum in some other city. But ask the people who see the truth – the local divorce attorneys – and you will dig up a far different answer. Recent surveys imply that as many as 60 percent of divorces cite pornography addiction as a chief reason for the divorce.Even though it is as common as being fat, for some bizarre reason, we can’t speak openly about it. It is really strange when you think about it. Sex is used to promote everything in our culture. Food, cars, clothes, vacations. You name it. But when it comes to actual conversation about sex, people get all bottled up. The crazy thing is that porn in the US sells 3 times more than McDonald’s in the US. We can talk about happy meals, and no one has a problem. But when it comes to talking about pornography addiction, not a soul wants to speak up.

If you would like to cure porn, then you need to look at why it is such an problem. We shouldn’t be surprised that someone has a pornography addiction. Think about it. From the time kids are able to watch TV, they are bombarded with sexy images selling them things. This literally programs their little brains to become aroused when they see these images. Then the pretty person tells them they need the product they are advertising in order to be happy. We’ve all seen the ads. They are so clever. There was even a recent car ad that periodically flashed sexy images onto the screen for scarcely an instant while you watched this sedan drive down the street with old people driving it. Like the sedan was going to bring back their prowess.

How To Break An Addiction To Porn.Now there are many alternatives on how to break an addiction to porn. You can join a local or religious club or you can simply buy a guide online. The online method is usually the preferred way to go simply because you don’t need to show up as a person and show your identity. This is the major difference since most who suffer from an addiction to porn are too ashamed to show and would rather not let others know. That being said, if this is also your case, you are better off getting an online guide on how to break an addiction to porn

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