Social Media Internet Marketing To Promote Your Business

Thousands of businesses are using social media marketing to promote their businesses online. Most use one of the top three social media websites: Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Social media Internet marketing can be a very profitable way to spread the word about your business.

Other than Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, the majority of social networking sites get fewer than one billion page views a year. The top three sites, in comparison, each receive over ten billion page views every year. The demographics of each site are slightly different. Facebook has primarily female users over age 35. Myspace caters to musicians and teenagers. Twitter’s demographic is similar to Facebook’s.

The market you are targeting will inform your decision about which social networking site to focus your efforts on. You can target the demographic you are aiming at on one of the big three networks or you can focus your efforts on attracting that same demographic on the lesser known networks, such as FriendFeed, Friendster, Gather or Ning, where there is less competition. The manner in which you go about social media marketing is essentially the same no matter which social network you choose as your first marketing project.

After signing your business up, your next step is to create a profile and a fan page for your business. A fan page will allow people to follow your business. Make sure that what you post to your fan page is not perceived as a hard sell. Post things such as videos, audio, articles about your business’ success, events, contents and even stories about customers (with their consent).

Depending on what your business sells, you may want to create a group. Groups attract members who have common interests. A sports-related company may have a group where people interested in sports can come to talk about sporting events, games, technique and other topic, for example.

Social media Internet marketing is a long-term venture. Before you embark on such a campaign, make sure you know what you are doing. This is not the place to “wing it.” Because it is so difficult to recover from a poor start, you want to make sure you create a positive impression about your business from the beginning.

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