Guidelines To Increase The Quality Of An Employee’s Contribution To The Company

Do you have a struggling employee on your payroll? Here are a few solutions for approaching performance management that may help you work through this problem.

First, make sure the employee understands what he or she brings to the table. Have a meeting with the employee where you discuss all of his or her contributions to the company. Being stuck in the same office and doing the same tasks every day can cause someone to lose sight of his or her place in the business’s operation.

Set appropriate goals for the employee in improving his or her performance. Place a high priority on the most important goals – the ones that will aid the company most in the shortest amount of time. Make sure the employee understands why these goals should be met first.

Schedule a time to meet with the employee again to discuss the changes in his or her performance since the last meeting. Use statistics such as quantity, quality, and timeliness of the employee’s work to establish objective measures of the improvement.

You should also give the employee a chance to evaluate his or her own performance. Establish a scale for rating the improvements in the employee’s work; simply grading it as exceeding expectations, meeting expectations, or not meeting expectations will suffice.

Try motivating your employees to improve their performance by offering rewards for consistently exceeding expectations. Bonuses, raises, and gift cards make great awards for excellence in performance. The greater the reward, the more motivated the employee will feel to attain it.

As the employee realizes the benefits to the company that his or her good work provides, he or she will feel more fulfilled by performing above expectations. The employee will continue to strive toward meeting goals, whether or not an award is offered.

Throughout this whole process, it’s important to consider and incorporate the employee’s ideas whenever possible. If an employee helps create the plan for improving his or her own performance, he or she will be more likely to view those goals as realistic and strive to meet them, aiding the company in the process.

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