Are You Making Your Time Count?

The technological revolution is sending us spinning into the future. Work weeks are getting longer, more family members are working, and we are all on demand to get things done faster. Time the new currency more valued then money, is something many of us feel we are running out of. The following contains several tips to help you save time.

Fast food is an obvious time saver. It can help us all get to work on time by offering breakfast in minutes at the drive through. It can save us the time that it takes to cook our own lunch and supper. It also saves us the time that it takes to clean up the dishes afterward. Beware making unhealthy choices when it comes to these meals though or you will risk health problems in the future as well as weight gain. Healthier ready-made options can be found in the deli section of your local grocery market.

Time saver number two involves turning off the e-mail notifications. If you schedule two or three specific times a day to read and respond to e-mails you will save massive amounts of time. Keep in mind that e-mail is not urgent. If a person has an emergency they will call you.

Stop with the internet. The number of distractions on the web while surfing is tremendous and without even realizing what has happened, we have lost hours of the day looking at junk. To help avoid this trip, schedule specific times to update your networks and keep track of news. You will be amazed at how much time you save when you limit your browser time.

Do not trade sleep for more time. This is counter-productive. It seems like you save time when in actual fact you are not operating at peak so it actually takes you longer to do things and they are not done as well. To maximize efficiency, don;t fight the doze and take a power nap in the afternoon to recharge your batteries.

As much as you may deny it, or think you are the exception, multi-tasking is a huge time waster. When you divide your attention some of it gets lost in trying to keep things straight so each multi-tasked project is getting less than it’s allotted attention. By doing one thing at a time, you will get them done much more quickly.

It all really boils down to removing all the time-wasters in your day. If you pay close attention to all your tasks in a typical day and make a note of how much gets done during each task, you will be surprised at what you will find that is unnecessary. Commuting is a perfect example. You may not have thought of it before but the trip to work and back and time stuck in traffic is a huge time waster. Taking advantage of flex time will help you avoid traffic and give you new found time that you may not even know what to do with!

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