Selecting A Gift For Graduation

It is built as the happiest day of our lives. Two people, brought together by eternal friendship and a true love for one another are about to make their biggest commitment to date. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your days with and have complete trust in that they will remain faithful and loyal to you. The one that makes you smile, laugh and cry.

In relationships, gifts are given to signify our affection for our partners. The beneficiary of our presents will be aware that taking the time out to find a specific gift shows that we have thought in a positive manner over the person in question.

Friends for life have been made and the end-of-course process signals the transformation from student to graduate. It can be an emotional but rewarding time for the individual who has suffered ups and downs in their rollercoaster journey towards earning their degree.

The chair of the Department of Behavioural Sciences at Savannah University, Devin Byrd, also notes the underappreciated effect of gift searching. “There is an emotional lift when searching for the gift,” he says. However, Byrd adds that gift giving can often signal that an individual is trying to cover over feelings of guilt towards the person in question.

Forced marriages – which typically take place abroad – are currently covered by the Civil Protection Act but Cameron wants to criminalise the ruling to further deter those involved. Whether this move would significantly reduce the amount of forced marriages is unclear. After all, if a parent was to be reported by their son or daughter they could well face jail.

The pressure of being coerced into marriage usually comes from parents who would like to uphold their family’s reputation and state of wealth. Parents who would like their children to marry someone in their ethnic, cultural or religious group is also another reason for being forced into an unnatural bond.

Graduation marks the end of a chapter in a person’s life and that chapter can be signified beautifully with a gift from those who mean the most to the graduate.

Ian Spence is a writer for many on-line journals and blogs. Being an avid writer, Ian’s material ranges across many subjects and industries. In this instance, Ian covers graduation from university, and the often difficult task of selecting graduation gifts for the occasion.

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