Securing College Financial Aid

In today’s economy it is tough for many kids that want a post secondary education.. Many students and parents have actually given up on their dreams of higher education, believing there is no way they can finance college. However, there are many ways to help your child get the education they deserve. The following are some tips on helping your student to secure college financial aid so they can attend the college of their choice:

First of all, encourage your child to be well-rounded in high school. Their grades should be the best they can be and they should also make sure they have a wide array of activities to put on their college applications.

Secondly, be sure to apply for a Federal college financial aid program by filing out the Free Application Form Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. This is a program to help those who need an education, but don’t have the finances they need.

Encourage your student to apply for as many scholarships they qualify for. Many students often do not apply to many of them due to their fear of failure. Let your child know that the best way to secure scholarships for themselves is to apply for more.

Keep in contact with your child’s high school guidance counselor. They can help to keep you updated on any new programs or scholarships that may become available.

Do your research online. Many scholarships and programs can be applied for online. Along with these, you and your child can also research the various schools your child may be interested in attending.

Always be aware of the deadlines and process for each application being filled out. The best way to keep of all of the paperwork organized is to keep a notebook and calendar specifically for the task of securing college financial aid.

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