How To Have Lucid Dreams – A Brief Understanding For Beginners

A typical question among many is that how to have lucid dreams. The question can be answered by a number of ways. There are actually ways and techniques that you could adapt in order to reach the stage of lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is that stage of mind where you can dream consciously or actually be aware that you are dreaming.

The method is not much complicated to understand but difficult to attain. All you have to do is have your body in a relaxed state and sleep. But your mind should be wakeful and focused. That is the only way you can go in to the layers of dream in a conscious manner while being aware of the surroundings.

The first answer to how to have lucid dreams lies in the Castaneda’s technique. This involves selecting an object, say for example your own hands and then continuously tell yourself that you’ll dream about them. Sooner or later, one night when you really see your hands in your dream, the realization will suddenly strike you, you will make the link and thereby become aware that you are in a dream.

How to have lucid dreams can also be answered by the technique of MILD or Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming. To use this method, set an alarm and wake after you have been sleeping for 5-6 hours. Then try hard to remember what you had been dreaming about. After you’ve remembered some parts of it, go back to sleep thinking about your previous dream and constantly telling yourself that you would remember that you are dreaming this time. Don’t fret if it takes a long time to fall asleep as the longer you take now, the more time your affirmations have to sink in.

Rapid Eye Movement or REM is one of the other concepts that explains how to have lucid dreams. There are several stages of sleep and the REM stage is when the human brain is at its active best during sleep. This is the time just before one wakes up and is known as the Rapid Eye Movement phase which is highly conducive to lucid dreaming.

Dream spinning is another way of having lucid dreams. When you are dreaming, try to think that you are spinning yourself in rounds, standing at a spot. Dream spinning leads you to finally be at you desired settings of your dream, after the spinning stops. The technique achieves for you lucid dream at the starting point as well as your desired dream stetting.

There is a technical way which suggests how to have lucid dreams. This technological process called binaural beats which suggests a way to synchronize your brain in order to reach the mental state conducive for lucid dreaming. This is done via sounding two different beats or sound vibrations through each ear known as Binaural Beats.

Lastly it can be said that whichever might be the technique used to have lucid dreams, remember that one needs to have complete dream recall abilities. If you cannot remember your dreams than needless to say that even if you do have an experience of a lucid dream, you will not remember it after waking up. Thus, keeping dream journals or other conscious efforts of dream recall is extremely crucial and much required in order to enjoy this experience of a life time.

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