Abundance Affirmations And Their Power To Create Change

“The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.” Wayne Dyer (Spiritual Guru)

In essence, abundance is our fundamental well- being, which is not affected by exterior conditions. It is a process of enriching self on an absolute level, rather on materialistic level. It is a “Messianic Hope” that bestows our life each day. The quality of our attention reflects our success in absorbing the abundant energy that exists in the universe. This integral hope convinces us to continue our life journey, a divine purpose that sustains our reality. In spite of despair and darkness, difficulties and doubts, this grand purpose holds a space for us, even though it may be presently obscured. It is the affirmation of our faith in goodness and wisdom that allows us to move forward through the most difficult circumstances of life.

Abundance affirms the beauty of lives and reminds us that the ugly parts are only there for a while. Our lives are filled with abundance but we do not access it because of our own desire to not cultivate it. We do not want to accept the gifts of life. We just want the kind of abundance that we believe there is because of what our emotions and thoughts tell us. Creation is a well-spring of abundance and the individual’s quest to look for abundance in life is through our experiences of money, love, power, and health.

We are slaved in our own myriad desires of selfish pursuits and disregard the flow of abundance in life. Also, our minds are clogged with age-old beliefs and values that restrict us from absorbing the abundance provided by the universe. Social parameters, is yet another vital factor in our inhibitions of truly acknowledging abundance. Governments across the globe primarily thrive on capitalist outlook – large supply meeting large demands, people need to be in debt for government to create a mass production of consumable supply of goods and services. They cash in on the poor health, and struggles of their citizens. Citizens can choose to accept these limits and inhibit the abundance, or they can welcome abundance in their lives with an open mindset. The more we choose to attract information about our abundance, the more we will receive.

Citizens experience poor health and living conditions but instead of fighting against these, they accept it and therefore inhibit abundance. They can do the opposite by having an open mind and a welcoming attitude towards abundance. By obtaining information about it, we can receive abundance all the more.

The Bible says that if we seek, we will find. Attracting abundance relies on this saying. If we seek to know abundance, we will attract it towards ourselves.

Directing your inherent creative and intellectual abilities towards the actualization of a new accomplished successful life can manifest abundance affirmations. Leave behind procrastination. Depriving yourself of healthy nutrition, exercise and personal time, causes poor health and inhibits acquisition of the wealth and well-being you are seeking to achieve. Lack of self-assertiveness also impedes your projections on the road of abundance.

Procrastination is your enemy and so is being unhealthy and failing to take time for ourselves. This will hinder us from gaining abundance. Abundance affirmation is a great way to find a balance in our well-being physically, financially, spiritually, and relationally. By maintaining our health and knowing ourselves, and by having a relationship with the universe or with God, we are attracting abundance for ourselves.

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