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The state of North Carolina has allowed its residents to access its public documents. Because the state is an open state, North Carolina Public Records has even allowed access to criminal records for its local residents’ protection and safety.

The state’s public documents consist of birth, death, marriage as well as divorce records. Criminal files are also one of the records that the local residents can access. All of these public documents have basic information of the person involved such as the name and the date of birth. One can also find the county where the document has been registered. Certain reports contain specific information about the incident. Criminal records would include details about the case such as misdemeanors and arrest details.

Public records of the state are used in a number of ways. Each document has its own purpose. Birth, marriage, divorce and death records are primarily used to conduct a research on the family history. Marriage records are also used to verify the marital status of an individual. By doing this, one can prevent problems by the time that they plan their marriage. Background check is the common reason for accessing the criminal history of an individual. It is also used by private investigators to resolve a criminal case because in some cases it becomes the only information missing in the investigation. Such files are also used in a court proceeding.

One has to keep in mind that requesting for a public record requires a fee. The fee differs per document and per county where it has been requested. The one who request for the record will be required to provide a valid identification card. It takes several days to obtain a copy of the record.

The request also has to be filed at the appropriate office in order to avoid further delays. The Vital Records Section of the Department of Health Services manages the state’s family related documents. The request can also be done at the office of the county clerk where the event has been registered. The state police department as well as the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services manages the criminal records of the state. Another way to easily get the record is to retrieve it online.

The use of technology has allowed public records search easier and hassle free. This has allowed many to save time and effort by eliminating the need to file the request at the office. The request can be done even at home and results are generated faster compared to the traditional methods. There are even websites that can do the search for free.

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