6 Tips For Understanding Arsonist Profile

There are many cases where fire setters have been the cause of the biggest fire tragedies. However, they have their dissimilar reasons that make them to do it. The reasons differ because some do it intentionally while others are not aware of the damage that the fire might cause. The below tips are unveiling the arsonist profile so that you can know more about some of these characters.

There are curious fire setters who are inquisitive in trying out new things that they have not done or seen before. They use matches and they are learners in using fire. At the early stages, it becomes exciting trying to light the fire. In the process, their curiosity will push them in increasing the level of fire to a magnitude that they cannot manage and that is where the problem begins.

The cause of setting a fire can be due to anger and the frustrations of a person. Numerous people lack the capacity of handling anger or bitterness. This incapacity pushes them to cause tragedy thinking that it will ease the pain they feel. Troubled fire setters can be managed if they can get assistance from a person who will cool down their temper.

A group that a person indulges with has power over his decisions and judgment. Due to the interactions between the members of the group, they share a common thought whether good or bad and execute it. If a member likes the idea or not, he finds himself participating in the same. Delinquent fire setters are a creation of the peer pressures. Thoughts of a single member are not respected.

Some perpetrators of these fires usually plan them with a specific motive in their minds. In such incidents, the fires are not an accident because a person that was aware of the damage it might cause instigated it. Planned fires are the most dangerous because the perpetrator is willing to cause huge damage. These characters are known as strategic fire setters.

Pathological arsons are intelligent people but with great emotional problems. Their emotional breakdown is the cause of their behavior. They might have been raped or undergone physical abuse in the past. Such experiences lead to the emotional breakdown. They do not trust people easily. Therefore, they lack the ability of building and maintaining healthy relationships.

When the level of excitement of a person is not managed properly when dealing with fire, then it might lead to a fatal accident. When a person is excited in doing something, he/she finds it hard to let go. In this case if fire is involved it will grow and set the whole place ablaze. Therefore, excitement motivated arsons are always keen on satisfying that unknown but exciting interest.

A revenge-motivated arson sets the fire just to retaliate for an injustice that was caused against him/her by a certain individual in the past. Therefore, their lack of forgiveness is what stimulates the bitterness in them to deliver a more painful revenge. This revenge is usually planned out before its execution. This revenge is not limited to a person but it can be against an institution and even the government.

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