Propane: How It Is Used Around The World

If you’ve ever been camping or you enjoy a barbecue in the backyard, chances are you have purchased a few propane tanks in your life. These small little portable tanks are quite handy, but powering stoves is just one of the many ways that propane is being used today. For more information about the versatility and uses of this special fuel, read on.

Propane is actually a by-product of petroleum but produces about 25% less emissions, so it is a much greener source of vehicle fuel. When used for vehicles, it is known as Autogas and it is actually a mix of propane and butane. Another advantage of Autogas is that is it significantly cheaper per gallon than gasoline. In several countries, such as South Korean, Turkey and Italy, about 30% of the fuel used for vehicles is Autogas. Other big consumers of Autogas include Australia, Russia and Japan.

In the United States, propane is quite commonly used as a main fuel source for homes, especially in places that are less heavily populated or rural. A large propane tank, placed beside your home or buried underneath the ground, can supply fuel for your gas range, dryer, furnace, fireplaces and more. Propane trucks can deliver propane and fill tanks throughout the year, but the best time to purchase propane is typically during July and August. With warmer weather, the demand for propane is lessened and the prices drop. Often, a propane company will allow you to pre-buy many gallons of propane, perhaps enough for the entire year, when the prices are at their lowest.

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While you probably think about propane as a source of heat, it also is used for refrigeration. Certain types of refrigerators, known as absorption refrigerators, use a source of heat to provide energy to power the cooling system. Unlike many commonly used chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants, propane’s impact on the environment is much less damaging, and many chlorofluorocarbons have been banned because of their effects on the ozone layer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as propane has dozens of other uses, as well. For instance, it is a commonly used fuel in hot air balloons. It can be used to heat swimming pools, and it also has many agricultural uses, such as the drying of grain and fruit ripening. Movie companies even use it to produce special effects, such as those cool explosions we love so much in action films.

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