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Plagiarism is narrowly imitating someone’s thoughts, opinion and expressions and representing it as one’s own work. It is mainly illegal use of work and showing something without acceptance of original author. It is considered as a form of unprincipled, or disobedience of copy rights particularly in academic circles it does not make sure precise results in assessing the true worth and intellect of students, professors, or researchers. They find shortcuts to get quick results and more than the test of intelligence, therefore it becomes the game of smartness.

The words or constructs used to build a sentence may differ while representing an idea but duplication of the idea itself and then owning it is also considered as plagiarism. If you are taking a sentence from a source, switching few words, or changing sequence of paragraphs it is still plagiarism, even though none of your sentences are exactly like those or in the same order.

While copying a creative idea or solution to a problem either in your own words or quoting the exact text, the author of the source article must be credited in clear words. At times it might be necessary to ask the author for permission to reproduce his or her work as copying and using other people’s content is really negative to the original owners.

The easy access to internet and online information through websites and blogs are playing an important role in enhancing plagiarism. Although there are a lot of plagiarism checker software and services existing today but the majority of them are not able to identify the real meaning at back of the work and consequently it can only recognize exact word-to-word matches.

Plagiarism checker can either be manual or fully automated and there are many online services which can be used to detect direct or indirect plagiarism. When you copy your content on their portal and scan for plagiarism, this online software redirects you to a Google search results page which shows a list of web sites that include one or more phrases from the copied text. Some plagiarism checkers also help you by highlighting plagiarized content. Some examples of such plagiarism checkers are viper, copyscape, and turnitin. These plagiarism checkers will produce a report which will highlight in different colors, percentage of quotes that match in your work, or highlights the areas of possible concern.

We can use Plagiarism checkers for educational purposes. If a student is supposed to have copied the content of a paper from any other source, the software can be used to replace random words from the article with a blank space and then these missing words can be filled in by the student. If the student would have written the paper himself, he should recall the correct words and be able to fill them correctly in the least amount of time. The time of completion, number of correct words and other features can then be used to prepare a plagiarism score. The scores below a certain threshold can be accused of having copied the content.

As many college and university students face extreme penalties for plagiarism, they can enforce the checking of their students’ work or research papers through these plagiarism checker software. If the result is not satisfactory, the students can be asked to improve their content.

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