The Adaptation Theory

History shows those, who cannot change in accordance to the circumstances, usually perish. That is the reality of life. Pause for a moment and look around yourself. Every second something is changing around you. Take the example of seasons. They change throughout the year.

Everything that goes around us has a bearing on us. Everything affects us. Our success is based on how well we do to adapt to these changes.

Life itself presents a continually changing challenge. You cannot name one constant thing. Seasons, weather and our environment, everything varies. There are many processes going inside your body to adjust to this change.

Most of these activities are occurring on an autopilot. We are unaware of most of these processes.

Adaptation is not a static thing. It requires constant interaction between you and your ambiance. If life were a static affair, then success would not have been so hard to achieve. There would have established rules to be successful.

Only the fittest survives. Fittest does not mean you have to be the strongest to survive. Fittest means that you have the ability to change yourself to suit the situation. If you are unable to do that, you will be doomed or would have to leave your habitat.

Charles Darwin also said that being fit has nothing to do with being very intelligent. If you can change with your environment, then your survival is ensured.

Your online business is no different situation. Do not be glued to one set of ideas. There is no sure shot formula of success. Alter your way of thinking according to the need of the time. This way you will achieve a lot.

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