Nature Summer Camp

Swift Nature Camp, is a Overnight Summer Camp in Wisconsin where children play outside while learning about Nature and Science. Here are some helpful hints parents can do at home

Teachers tell us the first step in becoming an environmentalist is seeing what nature offers. Often this can lead to a desire and commitment to conserve and protect the natural world we live in. This is one of our fundamental principals at Swift Nature Camp Walking or hiking through the woods is a regular part of Summer Science Camp.

However, with out having a purpose many times staff and campers merely walk along the trail without really noticing what is around them. They overlook the sounds, sights, textures and diversity of the ecosystem.

Please read these simple programs that can be done while walking through the woods. You may need supplies but it will take only a few minutes to get them.

Allow children to stop along the way and do the activities together. Let your children choose one or more of the following activities:

Look Down Supplies: Yarn and scissors Ahead of time: Cut the yarn into 15-inch pieces, have one for every two campers. Assignment: Move off the trail, and make a square on the ground with the yarn. Study what you find within the square. What lives there? What is the soil like? What grows there? Use a stick and dig into the ground a little. What do you see? Conversation: What did you find in the square or circle that surprised you?

Life is Full of Decay Supplies: Several magnifying lenses, flashlight Ahead of time: know that you can find some rotten logs. Assignment: Find a downed tree in the woods. Examine what is growing on the log, such as moss or mushrooms. Look for any insects living in or on the log. Shine the flashlight inside the log. Is there evidence of any creatures, such as raccoons, opossum or snakes inside? Examine the bark to see what is happening to it. Turn the log over to see what is happening underneath. How is the forest recycling itself? Use the magnifying glass to look closely at anything that interests you. Conversation: What additional changes would you see next summer?

Look a Tree Supplies: Blindfolds Ahead of time: look for a place on the trail where there is a variety of trees. Assignment: Find a partner and decide who will be blindfolded first. The sighted partner will lead his/her partner to a tree. The blindfolded child will explore the tree by touch and smell. Then the sighted partner leads his/her partner away from the tree. Once the blindfold is removed, that camper tries to locate the tree. Switch places and repeat. Conversation: What have you learned about trees that you didn’t know before?

We at Swift Nature Camp hope this gave a sample of some of the projects we do out in Nature. If you child is interested in these sorts of activities have them join us next summer.

If this is your first time thinking about Summer Camp look at Summer Camp Advice a free website that helps parents find the right camp for their child. Summer Camp

About the authors: Jeff and Lonnie Lorenz are the directors of Swift Nature Camp, a non-competitive, traditional overnight Animal Summer Camp. Boys and Girls Ages 6-15 enjoy nature & animals along with traditional camping activities. As a Summer Kids Camp Swift specializes in programs for the First Time Campers as well as Adventure Teen Camp programs

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