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You’re sitting in a crowded restaurant for a work party. You know some of these people, but that doesn’t matter. Feeling your sweaty palms and shaky limbs, you start to think of the questions always plaguing your thoughts in every social situation.What will they think of me? What if I do something embarrassing? Will they see my face turn red? Will they laugh?And the list goes on. The cycle begins and you have a horrible time, but can’t even think about that yet until you find a way out of there. As the walls seemingly close in around you, your unease grows unbearably.This, my friends, is social anxiety. Plenty of people suffer from it. It may even seem surprising to you or you may be completely familiar with this problem. How to overcome social anxiety is a question many have.Social Anxiety-What It Is.What happens when a person has social anxiety? This is a good question for anyone who feels they might have this issue or might know someone with it. Learning how to overcome it will come after the initial problem becomes understood.First off, a socially anxious person will feel anxious in these types of situations: Meeting new people,Being criticized,Having the center of attention,Doing an activity under surveillance,Meeting important or authoritative people,Being in a social situation, even with familiar people,Participating in group discussions,Engaging in close friendships or romantic situations.

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Secondly, in these situations, a person suffering from social anxiety will not be able to rid themselves of worry and doubt. Their cheeks may burn, conversations may seem stunted and awkward and they might seem on edge. They probably often wonder how to overcome social anxiety.Many more people in the world suffer from a social anxiety disorder. Some may only feel anxious in certain situations, say giving a speech, while others feel a more general anxiety in a variety of situations that are socially related. It is common for sufferers to be aware of their issue but not be able to stop it.How To Overcome Social Anxiety.You’d be happy to know that there is an answer for how to deal with your anxiety. There are several options. Much of it involves the mind and how a person thinks about a particular situation. This is why hypnosis can be might be a solution or a starting point for someone with social anxiety.

Cognitive therapy takes a different route when it is trying to teach you how to overcome social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety can be quite debilitating and some people take cognitive therapy as a sort of survival guide. With cognitive therapy, you take a good look at the world around and concentrate on practical matters. Rather than worrying about deeper psychological issues, cognitive therapy focused on real world applications, essentially walking people who social anxiety through situations that they were afraid of or anxious about. For instance, a person who was undergoing cognitive therapy might come up with a “game plan” about how to deal with a dinner party or a meeting. In terms of how to overcome social anxiety, cognitive therapy as created some very dramatic results.

When you are looking for a way to overcome social anxiety without drugs, you’ll find yourself looking up homeopathic remedies. When you are looking up herbal supplements to help you deal with social anxiety, there are a few that you should look into. Kava kava has been used to relieve stress and general malaise in Fiji for years and has proven antidepressant qualities; kava kava is often referred to as nature’s Valium due to it’s intense calming effect. St. John’s Wort has acquired a reputation as a cure all and it certainly seems to deserve it. Many people have had success in treating not only social anxiety, but depression with St. John’s Wort.

Social anxiety is a serious problem and you may not want to resort to using drugs to create a change, but remember that if you are suffering from this issue, stay in contact with your doctor. Remember that medical professionals are trained to work with cases like social anxiety disorder and that another pair of eyes watching your situation can be a great deal of help!

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