Make Your Learning Method Productive and Improve Student Motivation with these Teaching Methods

A lot of educators these days have found that the students have lost their motivation to learn. That being said, these educators are thinking about what techniques they can take to help make their students be determined in the class. Searching for techniques to encourage and sustain the attentiveness of the students is not a simple feat and that is just what the educators should triumph over.

Keeping the students’ motivation to learn is one of the aspects of efficient classroom supervision and teaching. The learners will have the desire to have taking part on all of the classroom activities when student motivation is there. Hence, it only shows that management within the classroom will be easy and the teachers will have less problems to be resolved. With that, there is a need for a teacher to strive hard so as to motivate the students to learn their lessons at the very beginning of the class. What should you do to achieve this? Listed below are some of the methods that a teacher can apply to help make their teaching more efficient.

Stimulate their Minds with Critical Questions

What is the great effect about these kinds of questions is that correct or wrong answers don’t matter. Students are facilitated to state their own ideas rather than memorize lessons. Also, if their minds have been ignited and working, you can make the class more dynamic and effective. These are questioned in a “why question” approach. To respond to these questions, the student will need to stand in front of the class and go over his or her opinion and perform a class survey after. So, everybody in the class can convey . their own concepts, by taking involvement in the class.

Use Music and Films while Teaching

A lot of people point out that music is not a practical device for learning specifically on student’s motivation in learning. But this is certainly a mistaken idea because this is one of the ideal approaches to spark the focus of the students. Take for instance, if your matter encompasses about slavery, songs by Bob Marley like “Buffalo Soldier” is a good music that you can use for the class. Also, using films will also do. Though this teaching tool have been misunderstood and misused, these can be shunned by just appropriately utilizing it. You can down load many of class-related videos on the internet. The most effective approach that you can do with these movies to get the focus of the students and stimulate them would be to play it once the lesson begins. Thus, students will feel the sense of what the lesson is about in relation to the song or video clip being played.

Connect the Topics into the Real World and Scenarios as well as the Things that They Desire to Learn

The learners can simply comprehend topics which can be connected the real world. There is a need for you to include the topics with real incidents so as to make the topic understandable for the learners. If this is undertaken, their motivation to learn will be enhanced considering that they have comprehended the topic. One another thing that you have to do when teaching the students a lesson would be to have an in depth investigation about the lesson. Possibly a student will not like to listen closely to a lesson which they are not intrigued in, so there is a need for a mentor to really have realistic topics. With that, there is a necessity for you to first know your learners – what their passions are – so as to present yourself a hint about what things you need to present to them.

Above are just some of the suggestions that can be done to enhance student’s motivation in learning. Aside from the pointed out tools, you can also integrate current teaching tools to further make your teaching effective. These more enhanced learning styles can be done through podcast, website creations and also blogging. With these things, you will have ease in teaching and your whole class will have fun and studying can be easy for the students.

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