Why Pre Employment Drug Screening Is Not Just Meant For Some Businesses

Many a times, employers tend to test their workers when they suspect that some workers could be using drugs. This at times, may be perceived as a retrogressive approach because the workers could have been barred from joining the companies in the first place by conducting pre employment drug screening at the time of hiring. Use of substances in workplace comes with its fair share of costs.

There are many liabilities, which are associated with such a behavior. Apparently, some of the costs could be prevented if the workers are tested before they join work places. Some employers may assume that it is costly to conduct such tests or their business does not warrant testing workers. However, this is the wrong notion considering that any kind of business can be affected by drugs.

The workers may not execute their roles as expected in fear that they could be injured or harmed by those who take drugs. One way in which employers can enhance workplace safety and improve productivity is by pre screening employees prior to employment. The hiring process can be tailored in such a way it weeds out the bad elements before they get to work places in the first place.

Workplace injuries can attract high liabilities in form of compensation as well as increased premium rates. Insurers will likely increase the premium rates for worker compensation coverage if they consider a certain business to be recording more than average accidents. Although the compensations are handled by the insurer, the employers suffer in that the cost of insurance increases.

A workplace that records high number of accidents due to use of drugs could trigger an inspection by OSHA officials. This is not the kind of experience you would want to have. Drugs in workplace are also linked to high rate of malingering and absenteeism. There are costs that come with absenteeism, and they include paying for sick days as well as leaves to employees who spend days at home because they are sick.

Some employers may even consider the tests costly, but when the impacts caused by such behaviors are examined critically, it can be concluded that they cause devastating effects. Some of the common risks that face employers who do not consider leveraging drugs tests are such as high turnover, increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. There is also increased worker compensation.

Irresponsible behaviors may also be seen such as damaging and vandalizing equipments and tools, leading to inventory shrinkage. It is important for employers to consider conducting drugs tests before hiring their workers. Those workers who perform safety sensitive duties such as the machine operators, drivers, and security guards should be examined properly before they are hired.

It is better to prevent workers from joining the work place than hire some people who are ethically unfit to perform duties. It will cost businesses more money and loss of reputation if they do not consider testing their workers. Besides, the OSHA officials are always on the lookout for employers who may not be putting in place safety measures within workplace to protect their employees.

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