Why A Competent Lawrenceville Criminal Defense Attorney Should Handle Your Case

Poor legal representation can cost a person whether he or she has been accused wrongly or not. Failing to find a competent Lawrenceville criminal defense attorney who understands the legal system well may cause one to be convicted of a something they did not commit or be punished too severely for a small offense. It is therefore important that one seeks the help of a lawyer when being investigated or immediately upon arrest.

It is always advisable that an arrested person remains silent to avoid them from providing information that might give more clues to the prosecution. One should wait for his or her lawyer to arrive and give guidance. During the private consultation, the suspect should provide all information about what happened to the attorney so as to enable them prepare for the case.

Remember that your representative cannot leak or give evidence against you even if they wanted to. Having the details, an attorney may decide whether the evidences provided against you are weak enough to be argued against in court or not. This will involve carrying out more investigation in order to come up with contradictory evidences and present them to the prosecutors.

The request to scrap charges might work for some but not all. However, the prosecution will provide you with the reasons why they have refused. Using such information, the lawyer will be able to refine these claims further in order to present them during the court proceedings. Alternatively, your representative might help you to make an agreement with the prosecutors.

All is not lost however if the accusations are compelling. The criminal lawyer may still help you to strike a deal with the prosecution to reduce your charges. This may involve you accepting to provide some evidence to the police. However, your representative will ensure that any such action is done to the best of your interest and with your consent.

In court, the suspect is usually helped to answer questions by his or her attorney. There are many traps set by the interrogators, which might lead one to give a reply that incriminates them. The client may also be advised on how to behave while in the presence of a judge since this determines to some extent how they will respond to your plea in case you do not succeed.

Apart from these, the criminal lawyer may do investigations to find out if due process was followed during your arrest. If there is sufficient reason to believe that the police handled you wrongly, this may also provide you with an escape route. The law emphasizes on your right not to be tortured, to be allowed prompt access to your representative, and to be brought to court within a specified period after arrest, among others.

You must be presented in court within the specified time, and should be allowed to talk to your lawyer at any time in custody, among others. It is not good to give up even when you have been sentenced. If you feel that justice has not prevailed, you can also file an appeal through your lawyer. The appellant might either request for a reduction in punishment or total scrapping of a case.

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